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So now you’re engaged. It’s time to start planning! Your Fiancé is already making appointments at bridal stores for her glamorous gown and you’re left wondering what SUIT you are going to wear? Before you get carried away, keep in mind aspects such as theme, matching or different Groomsmen suits and Bridesmaid outfits. The BIGGEST question on everyone’s lips however, is whether to hire or tailor-make the suit? Not to worry, we have compiled a list of Pro’s and Con’s to help you make your decision. First of all it- is important to know the style, cut and fabric you want before deciding to hire or tailor.

The Pro’s

Hiring a suit can be cost effective, most stores have large selections of matching suits and there is no wait for the construction of the suit. Most hiring companies will recommend hiring three months prior to the wedding day and will easily replace a suit if a disaster occurs.

Image by Soctt Ebsary Photography

The Con’s

Although a hired suit is affordable, it can look exactly like a hired suit. Plus in today’s market tailored suits can be just as affordable prices from $400 to over $1000 + (that’s if you are willing to spend). Not to mention it is made to fit “like a glove” and you get to keep it. Having to return the suit the next day can be a hassle for some if the company doesn’t deliver or pick up. If there is something particular you have in mind, you may not find what you are looking for on a rack.

If you are convinced a tailored suit is the way to go, a word of advice: make sure you know the difference between a made-to-measure and a bespoke. A bespoke suit will cost a lot more ranging from $6000 upwards.

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After gathering information from hiring companies, tailors and companies that do both, many suggested a tailored suit was the favored option, but it really does depend on the individual. Ask yourself these simple questions and you should get your answer.

1. What’s my Budget? If you are on a limited budget then you’ll most likely need to opt for hiring a suit.

2. How much time do I have? Tailoring a made-to-measure suit takes time so make sure you ask all the necessary questions before deciding.

3. Do I want to keep the suit? Keeping your suit is not like keeping a wedding gown. You will no doubt find many instances in which you will be able to wear it again. If this appeals to you then having a suit made to measure may be an option.

Do you have any advice for others choosing a wedding suit? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

Happy suit hunting!