I love, love love the idea of portable food at weddings. I love the idea of dancing under the setting sun to see the deliciousness of an ice cream cart arrive (if of course, it’s playing Greensleeves). I also love the casual feel of guests being able to head to a van (or Airstream!) select their favourite hot dish off the menu and find a picnic table to eat. It’s such a fun idea for outdoor weddings and something that can also lend itself to formal do’s as well.

What could be a better ice breaker or party ‘fueler’ than a van showing up close to midnight stocked with treats to allow guests to keep dancing until dawn?

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Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In Victoria

Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In New South Wales

Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In South Australia

Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In Tasmania

Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In Northern Territory

Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In ACT

Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In Queensland

Wedding Food Trucks & Carts In Western Australia

1. MELBOURNE: Fancy the treats of Southern America? Gumbo Kitchen is the truck for you! Featuring Cajun style New Orleans fare, the van dishes up soft fajitas, lemon ice box pie, hush puppies, po’ boys and of course, gumbo!

2. SYDNEY: Liana Raine not only has the sweetest little popsicle cart with blue and white stripes (Such a fun touch for a beach wedding just to get the ideas started..) but the team also create custom flavoured Popsicles complete with custom printed sticks. Winning combination no? (Photo by Matt Reed)

3. MELBOURNE: Dhaba is the curry truck. Can you imagine serving your guests piping hot Butter Chicken or Beef Korma at midnight?

4. SYDNEY: Yummy Dogs Hot Dog Cart is such a picture under it’s yellow and white stripe awning. The cart comes equipped with not only gourmet sausages and freshly baked buns, but also a range of relishes, sauces and accompaniments (Sauerkraut, corn relish and onions among my favourites on the tasty meter).

5. MELBOURNE: The Taco Truck cruises the streets of Melbourne and is available for functions  with what some say is the most delicious Mexican in the city. Available for functions, The Taco Truck caters weddings treating guests to homemade corn chips, guacamole, salsa, tostadas and tacos just to name a few of the treats on the menu! (Photo by Structured Pieces from Emily Green’s wedding)

6. ADELAIDE: Seriously yummy delights from this South Australian van Burger Theory who deliver burritos, burgers and fries to bellies around streets of Adelaide.

1. GEELONG: Gelato Events provides a portable cart just right for wedding celebrations. With gelato flavours like Apple Pie, Creme Caramel, Espresso & Classic Chocolate this isn’t just a gelato cart- it’s a feast on wheels!

2. BRISBANE & SOUTH EAST QUEENSLAND: Dolly Vardens travels the country (namely to fun Elvis festivals and anything requiring retro fun) serving up delicious coffee and sweet treats (including freshly baked French macarons and cupcakes). How fun would Dolly be at your brunch or afternoon tea reception?

3. SYDNEY: Pure Gelato offers a range of different packages (from the traditional gelato cart with stripe awning, to a display freezer!) for your guests to enjoy their favourite flavour at movable convenience.

4. AUSTRALIA WIDE: The healthy burger kings Grill’d have their shiny silver airstream available for event catering. With burgers, (my favourite is the Bird & Brie) chips and dipping sauces, your guests will have plenty to fill their bellies! (Photo by Jonathan Ong)

5. SYDNEY: Ice cream is so sweet especially when it’s by a well known (for their tastiness!) Gelato maker. GelatissiMobile dispenses delicious gelato from brand Gelatissmo (including their ever so sweet bambino cones) and is such a fun addition for a warmer wedding weather wedding (though personally cold weather doesn’t stop me eating ice cream!)

6. SYDNEY: If there is one food cart Sydney does well, it appears ice cream is it! GelatoCart shows this hot pink cart that quite frankly would make me forget the champagne and head straight for the shining beacon that it is.

7. MELBOURNE: Cornutopia offers guests a Mexican feast serving up traditional Mexican street food such as tacos, huevos rancheros and sweet corn.  (They even have vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options!)

8. MELBOURNE: Sentences I never thought I’d type on Polka Dot Bride. Massive Weiners offers delicious hot dogs that make the perfect dinner of midnight snack for wedding guests and and their specialty? Foot long hot dogs with plenty of toppings!

9. BRISBANE: Double Deckerdence lends more than just a food truck to your event, guests can even head inside and enjoy the culinary delights of this cafe on wheels! Imagine guests enjoying sweet pastries and coffee while watching the dancing guests from the second level of the double decker bus.

Dotties, help a blogger out- I know there are a fabulous’ flavour’ (official collective noun for a group of food trucks!!) of food trucks about to launch in Sydney, but what other ones have I missed? Are there any in Perth? What about the other States I’ve not been able to find many in?