Rin & Joe

There is nothing quite like a backyard wedding and there is certainly nothing quite like a backyard wedding where every single thing is handmade with love by friends and family. Today’s wedding is a little special (well every wedding we show is) but the bride? Not only is she a blogger herself, she’s the daughter of one of my bloggy idols, the amazing Pip of Meet Me At Mikes. So when Rin married Joe, it was going to be a little whimsical, a little creative and with a heck of a lot of heart.

Making his Polka Dot Bride debut today is photographer Eric Ronald who has captured today’s wedding with such fun and candor. This work of art is as strong as the heart put into the wedding.

Getting ready together was a natural thought for Rin and Joe. Rin made the bouquet and Flowers Vasette made her a flower crown. Lady Day styled Rin’s hair and makeup.

Rin and Joe married in the backyard of their Preston home. Rin explains “We wanted our wedding to reflect us, so we had it in our backyard! It was the best idea of the whole wedding. But it was weird arriving at our own house and seeing 100 or so people in our backyard! Weird but totally awesome and heartwarming.”

Rin explains “We walked down the aisle as a couple, to our housemate Sarah, my two younger brothers Max and Ari and Joe’s brother Mick all singing and playing an acoustic version of ‘Such Great Heights’ by The Postal Service.”

Of their photographer, Rin says “Eric Ronald, probably the best most charming guy you will ever meet. Oh, and he takes amazing photos too! ” Susan Ellis of Soul Mate Ceremonies performed the wedding.

The wedding was decorated with balls of love. Rin explains “It was all special! My mum put a call out on her blog a few weeks before the big day, for anyone that might want to contribute to make a pom pom and send it to us. We got hundreds and hundreds of them and strung them from everything! They were the main decoration of the day, along with homemade bunting and mixed posies of flowers in hanging jars and mismatched vases on tables. ”

What made the wedding special to Rin and Joe? “All my mum’s help, all the DIY-ness, the fact that it was at our house, the lack of tradition, the snow cone machine. ”

When asked what was DIY from their wedding, Rin says “Everything! Our whole wedding was totally DIY. From the catering (home made pizzas by my Mum and Stepdad) to the décor to the cake buffet! We did all of it with massive help from family and friends!”

Rin describes the wedding as ” A colourful, homemade, no fills, fun filled party! ”

Rin’s advice for couples? ” Try your best not to stress! And plan it together so its what you BOTH want! ”

Rin remarks ” The speeches were all so great, usually they are the most boring bit at a wedding, but they were totally outrageous and short and sweet. ”

Dessert was a cake buffet filled with Rin and Joe’s favourites from The Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book – all, of course, made by family and friends.

Congratulations Rin and Joe on your marriage! Thank you for sharing it with us! Thank you also to Eric Ronald for sharing today’s photographs!