Lisette and Ethan

Capri must be one of my most dreamt about destinations in the world and to marry there? What a magical experience it must be! Diana Sorensen for Sugokuii Weddings Italy sent across this stunning wedding captured by Umberto D’aniello & Annie Ciotola. Lisette remarks “We used a local photographer from Capri and one of our closest friends who  also attended the wedding – and gave us her photos as a wedding present!”

Lisette and Ethan chose Capri for their wedding after travelling there for holidays year after year. They flew from their San Francisco home and stayed with their 50 guests at the J.K. Place Capri Hotel. Diana says, ” They were intent of having an Italian styled wedding — mixed with local Caprese elements, fusing traditional and contemporary Italian styles.”

The couple married in a local Capri church. Diana recalls ,”A single mandolinist played Neapolitan love songs in the protestant church on the beautiful Via Tragara and the bride and wedding party carried only flowers native to Capri (wild fragrant rosemary, bougainvillea & olive trees & white peonies). After the ceremony, the couple and guests formed a corteo and strolled through Capri center — which caused lots of attention as they made their way through the main piazzetta together with the local folk group, the Scialapopolo. ”

Of their style Lisette notes, “The church wedding was intimate and classic-vintage in style – but our wedding reception venue had a contemporary feel, so we were able to have two styles that represent Capri the best!”

Lisette explains “We loved the local tradition of walking through Capri town with the local folk group. Everyone came out to greet us on the street and shouted “auguri” in Italian = congratulations. Our wedding party filled the streets with the smallest children of the folk group walking ahead of us in local costume. It was a fun tradition and experience!”

The reception was held at a cliffside restaurant Restaurant Il Riccio , Diana notes “Taxis whisked everyone off to the upper part of Capri – and then down to the area near the Blue Grotto where they dined at the beautiful 3 leveled restaurant, Il Riccio – which they rented out in it’s entirety for the night. Here they had a celebratory Caprese dinner with among other things, Italian caviar bruschetta & Limoncello wedding cakes. The entire restaurant was draped with white linens for the occasion — and each place setting had a linen napkin with the initials of the couple sewn into each napkin. ”

Of their first dance, Lisette recalls “It took place on the roof top of our dinner venue – about 30 minutes before it started to pour down with rain, which in Italy apparently means luck!” Guests were gifted local favors- almond confetti with Limoncello flavors from Conti Confetteria.”

Diana says “Dancing took place under the stars on the outdoor upper level overlooking the sea — and tiny bistro lights hanging from above. It was truly a beautiful wedding in Capri. ”

Congratulations on your marriage Lisette and Ethan! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Diana Sorensen for Sugokuii Weddings Italy, Umberto D’aniello & Annie Ciotol for sharing today’s celebration!