I would love some ideas for an Australian winter wedding. I’m thinking cream and red with perhaps a dash of brown? Any ideas you can throw my way?

You have chosen great colours for a winter wedding! Firstly look at our Creative Colour section of the blog and find Cherry Red and Dark Chocolate – there might be some inspiration there for you. I suggest using a raspberry or cherry red with your brown and cream as this will be more sophisticated than a bright fire engine red. For winter and the cold think open fires, dark furniture, lanterns in red and brown, cream tablecloths piped in red, with red or brown organza overcloths with some sort of embellishment such as beading, cording, fringing, to lift the potential ‘heavy-ness’ of the colour. Consider cream crockery (which the venue may be able to supply, or you could buy sets to use later in your home), red glasses (check out vintage places,  op shops, markets or Peter’s of Kensington.  There need only be one red glass per place setting to look stunning.

Also check out this board– it’s a little more summer but has your basic colours –

Tie your  red or brown napkins (opposite to your over cloth colour) with an artificial twig bent into a napkin ring shape and adorned with berries. If your venue is more rustic consider hessian, old  linen – you can pick up pieces from Etsy and probably EBay with vintage pottery, basketware, old wooden items.

Bare branches, berries of all the red hues, plonked into large pottery vessels or baskets, or threaded with strings of fairy lights. Add nests, brown speckled eggs, little birds such as robins which are prevalent in Australia in winter.

If you are wearing a cream dress consider red shoes and/or a red sash or embroidery. Or get a wrap, jacket, cardigan designed with your wedding dress that incorporates your red colour in beading, piping etc as a different touch that you could take off for the reception. Your bridesmaids could look pretty in tea length plain vintage style dresses with wide skirts say in chocolate brown with red sash and red beading to add sparkle. Add red shoes here too. Your maids could also add a little red cardigan here for warmth and the cuteness factor.

A dessert table of all things chocolate, or toffee apples, peppermint sticks, lollipops, red jelly lollies in large glass jars could be popular. Cream cloth piped in red here to let the sweets play the master role. Mulled wine, small glasses of hot soup, more hearty warming food. Hot chocolate and donuts to serve before the guests go home.

Hope these ideas give you something to start with. Have a wonderful wedding day!


Have a styling, inspiration or just want to toss around ideas for your wedding day style? Email me!