Whether you are seduced by the bubbles that dance in your glass or excited by the celebratory history that it carries, one of the best things about Champagne is that like most girls, it looks even more alluring when all dressed-up.

God’s water (Champagne) has been an integral part of the art of fine living around the world for centuries… an authentic symbol for celebrations. Now Champagne makes a dramatic appearance at weddings as it is decorated and garnished to perfection. Here are a few of my favourite ways to make the magical presence of bubbles at your wedding unforgettable.

1.    Floating Roses

Simply cut the delicate blooms from a bunch of spray roses and allow them to float gracefully in each glass.

2.    Wild Hibiscus Flowers

Australian wild hibiscus flowers are an eye-catching addition to your celebration drink. Carefully place the hibiscus flower at the bottom of a chilled Champagne flute with a little of the syrup, making sure it stands upright. Add your Champagne and watch your flower bloom.

3.    Ribbon Flags

Attach 4 inch pieces of ribbon, in your colour scheme, to bamboo sticks and place in Champagne flutes. For extra detail, have your initials, wedding date or fun statements, such as Yay!, Cheers! or Eat Drink & Be Married!, stamped onto individual ribbons.

4.    Lavender Sprigs

Cut long sprigs of lavender (so that they stand upright in the glass). Place in Champagne flutes and fill each glass with liquid bubbles of love.

5.    Laced With Gold

Sprinkle edible gold flakes onto a plate. Wet the rim of each Champagne flute and dip into the flakes so that the rim is covered. Ensure there is an equal distribution of gold flakes around the glass.

And most importantly, don’t forget that when you make a toast and say cheers, remember to look the other person in the eyes when you clink glasses or else you risk seven years of bad sex!

Photography by Miss Lace

Ms Gingham says: Which one is your favourite? I can’t decide between the flags and the lavender.

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