We have so many new columns we’re launching across the Polka Dot specialty blogs this year and I decided to kick off with one of my favourites- Tuesday type!

As a big lover of fonts, who owns more than is necessary for any being, and as someone who gets asked constantly about “what font did you use?” I thought an introduction to beautiful fonts every, single, Tuesday was a nice way to kick off our February on Polka Dot Made.

The divine Mishka font was designed by Emil Karl Bertell.

I love the classic yet playful nature of this font. It’s kind of perfect for a wedding that has traditional elements but plenty of quirkiness and unexpected fun (like fairy floss, or pinwheels or rainbow cake).

The Mishka font pack doesn’t just include the standard and italic versions of the font either. There are literally 90 swirls, ribbons and other graphical elements (or as those in the know call them “glyphs”) which act as great dividers or decorative elements for your stationery.

Mishka is available for purchase on MyFonts.