Jessica Hirsche is one of those talented people you wish you could take out to dinner and have a cocktail with. Just because they’re so undeniably talented that you feel like perhaps, just a little of their genius will seep into your pores (hello that was a weird visual for a Tuesday morning!) Jessica is a genius when it comes to lettering and her first ever font- one of my favourites, is called Buttermilk.

Buttermilk has this elaborate, boldness to it that’s still got the feminine elegance. I think paired with a very simple, plain font for a wedding invitation, it would make such an incredible statement.Wouldn’t it be perfect for a sassy fifties style wedding? With pastel bridesmaids gowns and red lips?

Buttermilk includes capital letters, numerals & extensive ligatures.

You can purchase Buttermilk through Jessica’s website here.