Iris and Andrew

In the hustle and bustle of the week, it’s nice to take some time out. These photographs of Iris and Andrew’s engagement by Tealily Photography are quiet and peaceful. They capture love in a really sweet way and it feels like taking a breath.

Iris says “Andrew and I met a long time ago – back when we were in high school! So we’ve probably known each other for about 12 years now.”

“We’ve always been really close friends then got together when we were at University and we’ve been together ever since!”

“Our wedding is in January 2012, so these next few weeks are pretty busy with finalising all the plans. With the summer holidays coming up so soon, all our suppliers need everything confirmed by Christmas.”

“Thankfully, we’ve been pretty organised about everything, so the whole planning process has been pretty fun for both of us. We got engaged last September 2010 so we have had a bit of time to plan everything and just enjoy being engaged”

“We actually took a couple of days off work last week so that we could knock everything off the list in one hit. When we were on this photo shoot with the lovely Trish from Tealily, we literally had our food and wine tasting for the reception, my dress fitting and also saw the wedding stylist all in the one day. ”

“We got up just after 4am to make it to the shoot and see the beautiful sunrise so we were able to fit a lot in!”