Candice and Trent

Sometimes, a beautiful relaxed wedding is all it takes to inspire you to get back to the beauty of a wedding day. Candice and Trent held the most beautiful Australian wedding at Banjo Patterson Cottage– while Candice was seven months pregnant. The day is relaxed, elegant and all about the fun personalities of Candice and Trent.

Candice explains how she met her husband. “We met at our local pub. My girlfriend and I were celebrating her birthday and having a few casual drinks when my hubby’s friend made a gesture for us to join them. I must of left an impression as I got a text that same night from my hubby-to-be wishing me goodnight.

But the best story was his proposal. We have a special place in Gladesville where we picnic a lot. We call it ‘Our Rock’. It overlooks the waters surrounding Gladesville and is so peaceful. So this is the place that Trent wanted to propose. So he decided to hide the ring in the bushes at ‘Our Rock’. Then we went for a run and he took me down there to do the deed. But it started raining and I ran off before he could stop me… So he left the ring OVERNIGHT in the bushes and organised a picnic for the following day. I was none the wiser and was eating my lunch when he picked up a garbage bag from the bush. I told him to put it down and not pick up other people’s rubbish. I continued to tell him that you have no idea what is in there and to be careful. He then pulled out the ring box, and said “Wow what is this?”. I still was completely clueless and was wondering why anyone would leave a ring box down there. Then finally when he opened it and showed me what was inside, it clicked and I was over the moon. He always wanted to catch me off guard and it certainly worked.”

Photos today are by Kellee Walsh. Aren’t her captures gorgeous of the couple? I love her candid images and how she’s nailed the joy of the day!

Candice carried a bouquet of blooms from Sapphire Designs on the Central Coast. Candice recalls “She took me to the flower market the day before the wedding and allowed me to pick my own flowers and made the best and most creative bouquet for the glowing bride!!”

Candice recalls “We were married on November 13th 2010 (day before my birthday so I won’t forget our anniversary) at Banjo Patterson Cottage. We had the ceremony outside in the beautiful gardens overlooking the waters of Looking Glass Bay.”

Candice walked down the aisle to ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ by (Israel Kamakawiwo’ole.

The ceremony, was not without it’s funny moments. Candice explains “During the ceremony the celebrant was mentioning how during hard times and arguments, that we should always stay calm and listen to each other. When I heard this I couldn’t hold back my amusement because with my Scorpion nature, I can be a little hot headed and I got the biggest case of the giggles. We had to pause the ceremony for 5 minutes so that I could compose myself and get on with the rest of the vows. May have been preggy hormones – who knows!

The photos tell our story on the day. The weather was perfect and we had the best time! It was stress free and Kellee captured every moment (even my giggle attack during the ceremony).”

The heat and pregnant bride combination was not always the best combination. “With being 7 months pregnant and the weather being in the mid thirties, I had my dress hitched up above my knees to keep me cool!”

Candice’s gown needed some last minute fixes for Candice’s gorgeous expanding belly. “Although I ordered my dress to measure from a place in Hong Kong, I was also expecting our first child and at our wedding I would be 7 months pregnant. So I had no idea how big or small I was going to be. So we over estimated the measurements to allow for my belly, then my friend and I made the necessary alterations to accommodate my growing bump. We had 2 dress styles to work with (yes I ordered 2 dresses) and made the alterations to both and chose the dress which best suited my new shape. The dress turned out perfectly and was so comfortable. Because I had it made overseas, the cost was reduced which allowed me to order more than one and also allowed me to be more relaxed on the day knowing that any stains or spills would not bother me too much!”

Candice and Trent chose the venue for its “Beautiful grounds. Everyone was raving about how good the food was. We had the cocktail package and every item was scrumptious. Everything was so easy for them which made the lead up to the day hassle free. Just a couple of meetings to sort out the fine details and they did the rest. Each guest was looked after perfectly especially those with dietary needs and they made sure your glass was always full!”

A silver cup cake tower was made by Cake Art. A splattering of raindrops sent guests undercover.

Congratulations Candice and Trent! Thank you for allowing us to share your wedding day on Polka Dot Bride! Thank you also to by Kellee Walsh. for sharing today’s images.

Photos by Kellee Walsh.