Yolanda and Ben organised a tea party for their guests while they had their photos taken. Yolanda and her mother made table cloths in vintage inspired fabrics and scoured second hand stores and op shops for vintage cake platters.  Yolanda’s mother made plenty of cakes and slices for guests to enjoy with freshly brewed tea.



Yolanda’s pop- a professional magician, passed away a few years ago. In honour of him  Yolanda and Ben hired a magician Magic Rob to entertain their guests.



Choosing a cocktail reception, Yolanda and Ben knew they wouldn’t get much time for eating while mingling with their guests. Instead, Ben’s mother and sister organised a private picnic for the newlyweds that they could enjoy while having their photos taken.

Yolanda says “An added bonus was that it provided an opportunity to just sit together, without being the centre of attention, and take in the moment of having just got married.  It was a really special time that we both cherish, especially as the reception whizzed past and we were often engaged with different guests.  It also made for some gorgeous candid photos.”










Yolanda and Ben created their own lolly station for guests (including their lolly bags from Poppies For Grace and homemade ones)




A table was set up with wedding photos of Yolanda and Ben’s parents and grandparents.



Guest favors of cigars and matchboxes were made by Yolanda and Ben. (More favor details can be found here).




Tables were scattered with tealights in glass jars, lavender and Geraldton wax flowers (prepared by Yolanda and her best friends the night before the wedding) and paper cut outs from the Do’s and Don’ts For Husband and Wives (1913) books used in Yolanda and Ben’s engagement session photos. Everyone saved and donated glass bottles to Yolanda and the lavender was picked and dried by Yolanda.



An Italian Torte from Corica Pastries was decorated with fresh blooms from Budding Stars and was served in lieu of wedding cake. The reception was filled with laughter and dancing.

Yolanda tells us “We danced to Kate Miller-Heidke’s “Space They Cannot Touch“.  I had given a copy of this song to Ben when we were first together as it captured how I felt about him and us.  He loved it and it was the obvious choice.  We practiced the night before and had grand visions of twirling around, but without a dress rehearsal, things were very different on the night, especially as I forgot to bustle my dress!  But we still got a couple of dips in there!

Because the song meant so much to us and we’d spent countless moments cuddled up listening to it over the years, it felt very natural to be dancing to it on our wedding night.  Guests commented on how we looked like we were in our own little world”


Instead of the usual group shots, Yolanda and Ben organised a photo booth with lots of props so guests could ham it up in front of the camera.

Yolanda’s final words really sum up the wedding “Marrying my husband, that’s what kept me sane as my attention to detail can be my down fall, I just kept thinking, that despite all the things I’d put effort into and wanted to happen, if all that happened was that I married Ben, it would be OK cos that’s what it was all about.”

A big thank you to Yolanda and Ben for sharing their wedding day and the thought behind their details with us today on Polka Dot Bride! Also thank you to Samm Blake for sharing the beautiful imagery!

Photos by Samm Blake