I am the biggest cheese fan – give me good bottle of wine, a block of cheese and it’s the perfect Friday night.

Cheese cakes are something I’ve noticed are popping up more and more as an alternative for sweet cakes. Big rounds of beautiful cheeses served with fresh figs, fresh fruits and beautiful crackers.Perfect for foodies and those who lack the sweet tooth, cheese cakes are a tasty alternative.

I stumbled upon the website of Sydney based Fromage To You recently- who create wedding cakes out of beautiful cheeses. The team (who is made up of four catering & event professionals, including the head chef at Quayside Restaurant)  will create a cheese cake based on your style, feel and season of your wedding and use cheeses from Australia and around the world. Creating contemporary to rustic looks, each cake is tailored to the couple.

Fromage To You selects the right cheeses (so your cake doesn’t collapse), creates the cake for you and even deliver it- setting it up so it looks as glorious as the pictures below.

fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes005 fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes003

fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes004 fromage-to-you-cheese-wedding-cakes002

Check out the Fromage To You website for more cheesy goodness.