Soon in Sydney a bunch of photographers are gathering with one of my favourite Canadian photographers (previously written about here) Jesh De RoxSamm Blake hosted him in Perth last week and now he’s hitting Bondi Beach!

It’s always a big deal to see photographers like this come to Australia as we’re so far away!

Unfortunately as a wedding blogger it’s a little hard to convince people you have a great reason to go to a photography workshop so I will wistfully share some of his beautiful work with you instead.

Jesh De Rox conveys incredible emotion in his photographs and his words, which is probably why I am so moved by what he does.His photographs sometimes make me lose my breath- each is full of passion and emotion and each is more like art than a photograph.

I wish I could share all the ways his words resonate with me- the way I am reminded to find beauty in small things, to take a breath, to reconnect with myself (especially at a time like now here Christmas is making life so busy) If you feel like taking a breath, pop over to Jesh’s blog and read Fall In Love With Yourself and Saturday amongst his other entries.

Luckily enough I know a few Polka Dot Bride readers are able to attend the Jesh De Rox workshop so perhaps they will be kind enough to visit and share some of their inspiration with us soon!

Photos courtesy of Jesh De Rox