So many couples today are flirting with tradition and opting to see each other before the ceremony to have their photos done. A phrase coined as ‘the first look’ is packed with emotion, the couple doesn’t have to be silent and restrained as they would during the ceremony, so emotion overflows.

Photographers love a first look as it allows for the couple to have a good photo session together in good light, without stressing about running into the reception time and inconveniencing guests.

Couples love a first look as it can relieve them of those pre wedding jitters, they can spend more time with their guests without missing cocktail hour and they get great photos!

Here’s just some of my favourite first look photos.

Lauren and Michael


Photo by Millie Holloman Photography

Carrie and Wade


Photo by James Day Photography

Ayelet and Ari


Photo by Danny Weiss Photography

Jessica and Brian


 Photo by Kim Le Photography


Angeline and Dean


Photo by Rob and Lauren

Jenny and Jerrod


Photo by Kate McElvee

Roseann and Jerry


Photo by Jasmine *

Karen and Steve


Photo by Sedona Bride

Brooke and Jason


Photo by Anne Ruthmann

Sarah and James


Photo by Brooke Schwab

I, of course, have many more favourites- which are yours? Would you have a first look? Did you?