I get a kick out of shooting weddings and documenting stories.

Hello! I’m Jack. I am a Hunter Valley/Newcastle based photographer; but you will find me out and about capturing stories everywhere. I love colour, I love happy moments, I love capturing people in spaces and telling stories with images.

I found my passion for photography through travel and it started with the natural landscape. Out of chance (the world works in mysterious ways) I found myself being drawn towards people, and more importantly capturing a very special celebration and time in their lives. A wedding brings so many elements of our lives together into the one milestone. No matter how you celebrate it, there is a story there to be told.

My style is a representation of me. I work incredibly hard at every wedding. Not only with the camera but with the people. I like to create imaginative and visually appealing photographs based on the way I see the world. I like the challenge of bringing the environment into my photographs (whether natural or built) and transporting you straight into that moment. I love to focus on the interactions between my clients. Not only between themselves but also their friends and family. Human interactions are so meaningful to me, and this is what makes for a great story.

A big part in being able to do the above is being able to relate, be comfortable and to be on the same level with my clients. I really enjoy getting to know people and investing in relationships. It isn’t uncommon for me to stay in touch with clients for many years after their wedding celebration.

I photograph everything from small intimate back yard affairs, adventure elopements in Iceland, stylish city weddings, big fun farm shindigs to large colourful and cultural celebrations. I believe this has helped me establish my skills (not only on a technical level); but help find my voice in knowing my photographic direction and the stories I want to document. I am always spending a lot of time working on my craft; learning and producing personal work which is an important step in staying fresh. I always want to bring something new to the table for my clients and to be forever expanding the way I view the world (both personally and photographically).

I especially love getting off the beaten track and shooting in this big beautiful country of ours. I also travel overseas (when able) to document stories. I will literally travel anywhere, and would love to document your wedding celebration and/or elopement for you.

If you like my style and my approach to photography then I would love to connect with you.

Getting To Know Us...
Describe yourself in three words?
Passionate, Creative, Dreamer
Best wedding tip
Keep the wedding celebration true to yourselves. The only thing that matters is that you get to celebrate your love, in the way that YOU want.
My favourite thing about weddings is...
The people. No matter big or small, the way people come together for a wedding is beautiful. I love the stories that this creates.
Your favourite cocktail
Old Fashioned