Nelly & Anthony

There is a certain magic about gritty, raw spaces like Sydney’s Cockatoo Island. For Nelly and Anthony, the industrial buildings provided a stunning setting for their engagement session with photographer Jack Chauvel. The pair, who are marrying in the mountains, wanted photographs that contrasted with Mother Nature. Brickwork, concrete, dark cement-filled hallways, peeling paint and wide glass windows all gave this shoot something rather special.

It was at a party that these two first locked eyes on each other, Anthony tells their story: “It was towards the middle of 2012, my first year at uni and Nelly’s second. We first met at a mutual friend’s house party. Fast forward a few months to a chance collision on uni campus – me with my head down, blinders up; I didn’t even notice until I hear her voice call out ‘Hey!’ She ‘rain-checked’ me twice before I finally got that first date!”

On what he loves about his future wife, the groom-to-be tells, “I love everything, haha. I love Nelly’s smile and the way her eyes squish up when she is laughing. I love her drive, she’s always encouraging me to exercise and eat healthily. She is my number one fan when I play the guitar and my guinea pig when I cook new food.”

Anthony popped the question on a romantic trip to Europe. He fills us in. “In November 2017, Nelly and I spent an awesome five weeks in Europe, starting in Spain, Portugal then making our way up Italy from Sorrento to Venice. On the first night, we arrived in Venice, I picked a nice stone bridge over a quiet canal. At the time we were walking off dinner, talking about our future, next travel plans, kids…then I got down on one knee and everything was a bit of a blur. We then got to enjoy the rest of our trip as a newly engaged couple.”

It was rave reviews for their photographer Jack, Nelly explains. “The first time we met up with Jack for a beer, we talked so much about everything in general and we really got along. We were sold after our catch up that afternoon (besides his amazing work). We knew he was someone we would be glad to call our friend and the perfect person to capture our special day.”