Snapshot Sundays

I love this photo. It has such intense emotion about it.Photograph by US Photographer Dane Sanders

This week’s snapshot comes from US photographer DrewB Photography. Drew is such a gorgeous lady- she’s the type of girl I feel like I could chat weddings, life and be best mates with!This shot gives me butterflies- the bride who is so excited (and perhaps a little nervous) about getting into the wedding gown she’s

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This week’s snapshot is from the wedding of Stefanie & Tom, like an oil painting, it could be straight out an art gallery!Captured by US photographer Emilie Sommer of Emilie Inc Photography (P.S Check out Emilie’s recent proposal, it made me cry!)

I’m introducing Snapshot Sunday! Readers of Polka Dot Bride know I’m a bit of a photography stalker and know one good image can take my breath away. So instead of showing my favourite images all week, I’m dedicating them to Snapshot Sunday!Photo by Samm BlakeI adore this little boathouse near Perth. It makes for a

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This about sums it up doesn’t it? A snapshot from the wedding of Kristina and Brock (see more here) captured by Michele M WaitePhoto courtesy of  Michele M Waite