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Image by Denise TeoThese days I have been thinking of the difference between today’s weddings those of 30 years ago. I hear all the time from the mother of brides, “my wedding was very simple, my dress was very cheap, I didn’t have any bridesmaids… we just wanted to get married and be together”.That made […]

Hi GirlsI have been busy for 2 weeks researching and looking for new ideas in fashion and bridal direction in 2014-15 over at the Hong Kong fashion week. It was amazing although hard work as well. My research was not only to look at pending bridal trends it was for fashion trends too as they […]

Image via Angie & Joel’s Wedding At Bells KillcareHi GirlsAs a fashion designer (now focusing primarily on bridal gowns), I see many good-looking girls who come to see me for their dream wedding dress. I have been noticing brides are actually having a hard time finding their dream dress. They gradually get very confused, which […]