Happy Monday Dotties! Early winter – and the cold is upon us. Don’t despair – it’s one of the best times of the year for a wedding day. No swatting flies and mosquitoes, no sudden thunderstorms and no trying to escape from the unrelenting heat and humidity. Instead think cosy indoor firesides, candlelight, family and friends gathered around tables sharing warming dishes, mulled wine – embrace the season and all the potential it holds!

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Pink Argyle Diamond in Palladium

Gold wave ring

Zachary T. Conway – The Magic Goldsmith uses a process when creating your jewellery that he calls Slow Jewellery to create truly unique pieces. What does that mean for you? Zachary uses your prayer, vows and intention using your heartfelt words about your journey as a couple to infuse the metal “with the very essence of your love”. He explains “I will share photographs and videos with you, showcasing how your prayer beautifully crystallises the gold through a revolutionary process that I pioneer in the world today. From this crystallised golden bead, a representation of your love, I will split it into two and meticulously hand-forge a matching wedding ring set using hammers. Your rings will be customised through shape, stone, colour, and form, all designed in a meaningful and profound collaboration between you and me. Both completed rings will bear deep meaning and sentimentality, becoming priceless treasures to be worn throughout your lifetime together. These rings, having begun life as a single bead infused with your love story, will forever remain connected, just like the two of you.”

Working world wide, Zachary uses “24k solid gold, electrum, fine silver, palladium, and more. As one of Australia’s only authorised Ocean Diamond Dealers and an authorised Moissanite lab diamond dealer, I incorporate rough pink Argyle diamonds, rainbow sapphires, and opal into my bespoke creations, infusing them with a touch of magic”. This collaborative, joyful and magical process deeply connects your love story to your jewellery – what could be more meaningful than that?

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Main image: Opal wave ring