There’s only one reason two flames could burn bright without setting off the alarms in the Bundamba Fire and Rescue Station. And that was for Kathryn and Nathan’s sizzling firehouse engagement shoot with the help of their photographer, Amanda from We Are Twine.

Nathan is actually a firefighter, something he’s very passionate about and proud of (and so is Kathryn!). They originally wanted to have their wedding photos taken with a fire truck, but that wasn’t possible with the location of their chosen venue. So they chose the next best option – their sizzling engagement shoot!

With photographer We Are Twine on their dream team, this couple got to include their fire trucks, after all. “Amanda shot my friend’s wedding a few years ago, and I was so impressed with how professional she was, but also how calming and engaging she was with everyone at the same time as not getting in the way. The photos were absolutely breathtaking, and I thought that if I ever needed any professional photos taken, I would use her,” Kathryn explained. “And I did! Amanda has photographed me and my children, and now, our engagement shoot. Amanda goes above and beyond to get the best photo and doesn’t push her ideas or thoughts onto you. Amanda takes your ideas and inspiration, runs with it, and produces something that can only be described as magic!”

Their story began at Kathryn’s regular before-work coffee spot. “Nathan came for coffee in his fire truck with his crew to the same coffee shop I would visit every morning before heading off to Court (I am a Lawyer). After that first encounter, Nathan became a regular,” she detailed.

Their proposal is one of Kathryn’s favourite stories they share – and involves an equal amount of water as their sizzling engagement shoot! “Nathan proposed one night whilst I was in the shower with a head full of shampoo. It was the most romantic shower I’ve ever had! He even got down on one knee.”

Both Kathryn and Nathan both love how compatible they are together, almost as if they were made for each other! “We complement each other so perfectly, and we can talk about anything.”