Looking for your perfect wedding day accessories? Then you’re in the right place! Let us introduce you to Maria Elena’s new “Serenity” Spring/Summer 2025 collection.

This collection is where fashion meets tranquillity, emphasising the effortless beauty of a bride and inviting you into a state of serenity – of utter calm and unruffled repose. Inspired by the peace of nature, the collection has the timeless allure of classic romance. Featuring glittering golds, serene silvers and pops of pearlescence, “Serenity” offers brides the opportunity to adorn themselves in accessories that exude calm sophistication and understated luxury.

Maria Elena’s Spring/Summer collection aims to reflect a bride’s innermost desires for a peaceful and harmonious union. “Serenity” features crowns, headbands, halos, barrettes, combs, earrings, lapel pins and purses.

All of these beautiful pieces are now available for purchase on the Maria Elena website or at their Sydney boutique.