We are thrilled to welcome back Vanessa of The Wedding and Event Creators for our Tropical Issue. Today on Polka Dot Wisdom, she’s sharing her ideas on how to bring the tropics into your wedding styling. 

So, are you dreaming of a wedding day that feels like a blissful escape to a tropical paradise? Whether you’re tying the knot in an exotic location or right in your backyard, bringing the vibrant, lush elements of the tropics into your wedding, here are some tips for how you can transform your wedding into a tropical wonderland.

1. Lush Greenery and Exotic Blooms

Key Elements: Palm leaves, monstera, orchids, hibiscus, bird of paradise, and ferns.

Start with the foundation of any tropical paradise: greenery. Incorporate large palm leaves and monstera as the backdrop to your ceremony space, arch, or photo booth. For floral arrangements, choose exotic blooms like orchids, hibiscus, and bird of paradise. These flowers not only add vibrant pops of colour but also infuse the air with a pretty fragrance. Ferns and other tropical foliage can add volume and texture, making your arrangements feel wild and abundant.

Tip/Focus on a statement piece with your styling- perhaps a large hanging palm feature from the roof of your venue, or a tall piece creeping up a fireplace top or behind your wedding table!

2. Vivid Colour Palette

Key Elements: Bold pinks, oranges, yellows, greens, and blues.

A tropical theme is all about embracing bold, vibrant colours. Think bright pinks, sunny yellows, lush greens, and deep ocean blues. Use these colours in your table settings, bridesmaid dresses, and even your wedding cake. Consider mixing colourful pieces like candlesticks, menu cards or napkins with neutral tones to balance the overall look. The key is to be playful and daring with your colour choices.

3. Island-Inspired Table Settings

Key Elements: Bamboo, rattan, tropical fruit, colourful dinnerware.

Set the scene with tablescapes that transport your guests straight to an island paradise. Use bamboo or rattan chargers to bring a natural organic element to the settings, and complement them with bright, colourful dinnerware. Incorporate tropical fruits like pineapples, mangoes, and coconuts as part of your centrepieces. Not only do they look beautiful, but they also add a fun and unexpected element to your décor. Add a finishing touch with napkins or menu cards in bold prints or vibrant hues.

4. Tropical Cocktails and Refreshments

Key Elements: Signature tropical cocktails, fresh coconut water, fruit juices.

Serve signature tropical cocktails to get your guests in the island spirit. Think Mai Tais, Pina Coladas, or Mojitos. You can also offer fresh coconut water served straight from the coconut or a variety of tropical fruit juices for non-alcoholic options.

Style Tip; Use cute coasters & drink paper napkins with your names and a tropical motif ( or consider stirrers/swizzle sticks in your theme colour to add a little extra detail..

5. Beachy Ceremony Details

Key Elements: Seashells, driftwood, tropical garlands.

For your ceremony, embrace beachy details like seashells and driftwood. Line the aisle with tropical garlands or petals in your chosen colour palette. Consider a ceremony arch adorned with flowing fabrics and lush tropical flowers. If your wedding is outdoors, bamboo chairs or benches can enhance the theme and keep the vibe laid-back and beachy.

6. Ambient Lighting

Key Elements: Tiki torches, string lights, lanterns.

Lighting can transform your wedding into a tropical oasis as the sun sets. Use tiki torches to illuminate outdoor pathways and fairy lights or festoon lights to create a canopy of twinkling stars above your reception area. Lanterns with candles or fairy lights inside can add a warm, romantic glow to your tablescapes and lounge areas (you can find affordable battery ones online!)

7. Personal Touches and Favours

Key Elements: Tropical-themed favours, personalized fans, leis.

Finally, add personal touches that reflect your love for the tropics. Consider tropical-themed favors like mini bottles of cocktails with a personalised sticker, a pair of sunnies to keep, a capis shell place card or personalized fans to keep guests cool (with gorgeous hand drawn calligraphy).. These small details will leave a lasting impression!

Bringing the tropics into your wedding décor is all about embracing bold colours, lush greenery, and vibrant details that make your day feel like an escape to paradise. By thoughtfully incorporating these elements, you can create a stunning and unforgettable wedding that captures the essence of a tropical getaway, let the island vibes inspire your special day!

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