Welcome to the story of Alex and Josh’s colourful winter wedding! From the chuckle-inducing missteps to the tender moments that unfolded during their day, their wedding is a beautiful example of the joy, love, and faith that defined their relationship. With Matt Ashton Photography and Big Dog Rob Videography joining their vibrant day, it was a day they’ll never forget.

After a few years of being single and a couple of lockdowns alone, Alex decided she wanted to test out the waters of the online dating pool and see what all the fuss was about. She endured quite a few weirdos but finally stumbled upon Josh after they matched. They learned early on that they had mutual friends, and the conversations flowed on and on. A few more lockdowns were spent apart until Alex and Josh finally met in person for the first time, and the rest was history.

Fast forward to one Christmas Eve when Josh enlisted the help of Alex’s family for a surprise proposal. “Josh had my family all in for a lie, pretending they had to change Christmas Morning family breakfast to Christmas Eve. On our way to the “breakfast”, my sister called & asked for a hand setting up a surprise breakfast. Little did I know that it was for me. When we got there, Josh dropped a knee and proposed. We then had a beautiful morning celebrating with my close friends & family and then spent Christmas celebrating with our extended families.”

Josh had trouble finding his dream suit, so Alex took him to DFO in Sydney to try a few styles. He came across the perfect classic black suit in Tarocash that would be comfortable enough to boogie the night away. He finished his look with a crisp white shirt, a black bowtie and custom cufflinks. His groomsmen wore matching suits with him.

As Alex was looking for her gown, her mum came across a wedding gown store that was closing down, so the two of them popped in to try on a few different styles. “After trying on a few dresses, I found the perfect dress and walked out with it that day, 50 per cent off!”

Because she bought the perfect dress at a bargain price, she could buy her dream wedding shoes – the blue chiffon mules from Loeffler Randall! These blue shoes are the first pop of colour we’ll see throughout the day. Opting for a neutral look, her bridesmaids wore champagne satin dresses with a beautiful cowl neck detail.

If there was only one detail Alex was allowed to pick from the day as her absolute favourite, it was the flowers! “We wanted colour for our florals! We really wanted them to pop. We’ve followed Nunu Designs for a while and knew she would be incredible, so we shared our vision and let her do her work! She was incredible and made all of our dreams come true!!”

As they searched for the perfect wedding venue, Alex and Josh had one main criterion – somewhere to relax and enjoy themselves. “For us, it was all about being in the one place, including accommodation for our bridal party. We also wanted something that we could make our own. Seacliff House was the perfect venue for us!”

Their ceremony was meant to take place outside, but Seacliff House is known to be windy (especially in winter!). Luckily, the venue was flexible enough to transition the space. Alex walked down the aisle with her dad as one of her closest friends sang an acoustic version of Taylor Swift’s “Lover.”

For Alex and Josh, Faith is a central part of their lives, and they wanted their wedding to reflect that. “We wanted people to be able to feel the love we have for one another and the love that we both have for God. We had a scripture reading, Numbers 6:24-26.”

The five things that made their colourful wedding so special included:

“1. It Was Us – we didn’t do anything we felt we had to do, but we just did whatever we wanted. It was a pure reflection of who we are.

2. Our Vendors – we loved having the right people in our corner. It meant that the day was a breeze and was such a joy because we had the right people on the day!

3. Our special details – we loved having details that made our wedding us. It was truly a reflection of who we are from start to finish.

4. Our people – we had all of our favourite people in one room. People had travelled to our wedding to be there, and it meant so much for everyone to be there!

5. Being flexible – not everything went to plan on our day – we ended up having to do our Plan B for the ceremony but it all went smoothly because we just wanted to enjoy the day!”

One of their favourite moments of the day was caught on camera during their portrait session with their photographer, Matt, and videographer, Rob Big Dog. “They told us to walk forward / dance forward, have some fun, and strike a pose on the count of three. They counted ONE – TWO – THREE. Messages got mixed; I went in for the dip but tripped on my dress, not only falling down on the ground but pulling Josh down with me, who then tumbled over. The best part is that it was captured by everyone on camera. It was hilarious and created a great photo!!”

Matt Ashton was the perfect photographer for Alex and Josh – and they couldn’t have been happier. “He was incredible!! The perfect asset to the day!! Matt’s photos are incredible, but beyond that – he just brought party & life to the whole day and was able to relax everyone involved. For a couple who don’t love being in front of the camera, he relaxed everyone.”

A beautiful element of the reception was the “All the Love Stories That Have Gone Before Us” table that Josh and Alex set up to honour those who are unfortunately not with us anymore. “The table had a memories station to celebrate our grandparents’ and parents’ marriages, including all their wedding photos, which was really special.”

Once again, the talented team at Nunu Designs did all of these gorgeous, colourful flowers and styling—the attention to detail was unmatched. As a treat, Alex’s famous brownies and blondies were included for their guests to enjoy at the reception.

Their favourite photo of the day came from the reception entrances! After the wedding parties had finished their entrances, they set up confetti cannons for Josh and Alex. As they entered, the confetti flew, and Josh dipped Alex – Matt captured the moment perfectly.

The wedding vendor team can make or break a wedding, and for Josh and Alex, there’s certainly was a dream team! “We loved all of our vendors!! Your Event Tribe – omgosh!! Em and her crew came down and set everything up!! They were awesome!! And then came down and packed everything up a few days later!! It was a dream!! Henry Clive Bar was incredible!! They provided great service and were so helpful beyond just serving drinks. We also loved Rob Big Dog Weddings, who did our videography and were awesome as well! And who could forget Anthony Hughes, who kept the dance floor going all night long!!”

To wrap up the night, Alex and Josh had their first dance as their musician, Anthony Hughes, sang an acoustic rendition of Tina Turner’s smash hit “Simply The Best.”

Congratulations Alex and Josh on your colourful winter wedding – you did an incredible job! Thanks to Matt Ashton Photography for capturing this beautiful day, and to Steph from Nunu Designs for submitting it for us to share.