This month, we’re diving deep into the power of words with The Words Issue – and one unexpected (but incredibly special) way to incorporate them into your wedding day? The humble wedding veil.

Beyond just a traditional accessory, your veil can become a truly meaningful, personalised addition when you add words that hold significance for you and your beloved. Whether it’s a romantic saying, your wedding date, song lyrics you adore, or a phrase that reflects your journey – stitching these cherished words into your veil creates an heirloom you’ll treasure forever.

To inspire your own wordy veil, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite custom options, from simple and elegant to bold and creative. Because when it comes to your wedding day, the right words have the power to transform even the most traditional element into something uniquely yours. Scroll down for our picks!

Rebecca Anne Designs “The Verse” Veil

Elevate a timeless veil design with multiple lines of elegant, script-style embroidered text. The beauty of this piece lies in its customisation – you can choose the words that hold the most significance, whether it’s a romantic expression, your vows, or a meaningful mantra. This transforms the veil into a truly one-of-a-kind heirloom. (And that stunning veil featured in the header image? That’s also a gorgeous custom creation from the talented team at Rebecca Anne Designs). Photography by Kamila Nowak.

Madame Tulle “To Have & To Hold” Veil

For a timelessly elegant look, this cathedral-length veil exudes classic sophistication with its simple silhouette. But the real hidden gem lies in the exquisite white-on-white embroidery adorning the edge – the symbolic phrase “To Have & To Hold” gently echoing the enduring tradition of wedding vows.

Chosen By Kyha Cursive Lettering Custom Veil

Feeling inspired to craft a truly personalised veil? Chosen By Kyha offers the ultimate choose-your-own-adventure option. With their Cooper or Sheath veil styles as the canvas, you can have any words of your choosing delicately embroidered in a flowing cursive script. The possibilities are endless – whether it’s a heartfelt phrase, your wedding date, or a meaningful lyric, this customisable design allows you to transform a timeless accessory into a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Rebecca Anne Designs Poetry Veils

Rebecca Anne Designs is renowned for their “Poetry” wedding veils, which feature custom poems created by collaborating with poet Jen Feroze. The process involves Feroze capturing meaningful moments from your relationship and transforming them into a personalised poem. This unique and thoughtful design element allows you to have the words of the poem adorn your wedding veil, making it a truly special and one-of-a-kind keepsake

One Blushing Bride Custom Embroidered Phrase Cathedral Length Veil

One Blushing Bride offers a custom embroidery service that allows you to have a meaningful phrase, quote, or even your wedding date stitched along their elegant, flowing tulle veils. This one-of-a-kind detail beautifully blends the timeless beauty of a cathedral-length veil with a custom touch that reflects your love story. It’s a unique way to infuse your wedding day look with a heartfelt, customised element.

Grace Loves Lace Truly Madly Deeply Veil

Australian bridal designer Grace Loves Lace has earned a reputation for creating effortlessly elegant wedding day style – and their “Truly Madly Deeply” veil is a prime example. This short, ivory tulle veil features a poignant phrase delicately embroidered along the edge, adding an unexpected yet impactful statement to a classic silhouette.

Sash & Veil Handwritten Embroidered Veils

We’ve covered a lot of options for custom embroidered text on wedding veils, but what about something even more personal – your own handwriting? Or the cherished penmanship of a loved one? That’s the exquisite touch that Sash & Veil offers. Imagine having your own handwritten words, symbols or heartfelt letters delicately stitched onto the flowing fabric of your veil. It’s a truly one-of-a-kind, sentimental way to infuse your wedding day accessory with profound meaning and personal connection.

L’eto Bridal Poem Veil

Opting for an effortlessly elegant look? This raw-edged ivory veil from L’eto Bridal provides a stunning canvas for your own custom-embroidered words, lyrics or phrases. Available in an array of classic veil lengths, this personalised piece will transform a timeless accessory into a stunning heirloom with that signature L’eto style.

Crown & Glory Custom Slogan Wedding Veil

Seeking a statement-making veil that packs a punch? Crown & Glory offers a show-stopping option featuring custom flocked-velvet lettering in crisp white adorning an ivory shoulder-length veil. Go bold, dear reader!

Madame Tulle Happily Ever After Veil

Capturing the perfect balance of elegant sophistication and playful whimsy, Madame Tulle’s wedding veils are a signature style. Case in point: their “Happily Ever After” veil. Featuring the brand’s own custom-designed font, the delicate embroidered text not only creates a visually stunning effect but also ensures the veil drapes and wears beautifully for maximum comfort and grace on your wedding day.

All About Romance Custom Veil Embroidery

For a beautifully elevated yet contemporary look, All About Romance offers a selection of stunning veils featuring a modern script font (with two additional typography styles available). The real draw? You can add your own custom phrase, words or wedding details to any of their gorgeous veil designs, creating a truly one-of-a-kind accessory.