A wedding is incomplete without the power of words, and this April & May, we’re honouring them by introducing and kicking off our brand new theme: The Words Issue.

Because you see, words in weddings make up everything. From the words you use to invite your favourite people to the words you engrave on your rings. From the words carefully chosen to pledge your commitment to one another to the words of the songs you dance to all night long. There is a weight to choosing the right words, and the process can be both intimidating and overwhelming. So this month, we’re lending a helping hand. With expert advice from celebrants, musicians, stylists, and MCs, along with roundups and inspiration-filled content brimming with ideas, The Words Issue is set to guide you on how to use words to make your wedding day reflect exactly who you are.

From the vows you exchange to the speeches you deliver, from the readings you select to the music you choose, words hold the power to elevate your wedding day and make it truly yours. Prepare to be inspired, guided, and empowered as we unveil the magic of words in weddings.

Want to follow along? You can find all our word-worthy posts right here. Join us on this journey of celebrating the art of language and crafting a wedding that speaks volumes about your love story.

Header photo planning by Panorama Events sign by  Little Green Leaf  florals by Sugared Style photo by Untamed Creative via Bold & Colourful Wedding Ideas At A Lavender Farm