The two words that most perfectly describe this wedding are colourful and fun! What started as an unlikely match on Tinder and bloomed into a double proposal is Georgia and Caitlin’s beautiful relationship. They created a fun and colourful wedding to celebrate their marriage and toasted with plenty of cocktails. On the day, photographer Prue Peters captured all the intimate, fun moments shared between the newlyweds and guests.

They found each other using the greatest modern dating tool, Tinder; and now Caitlin and Georgia have spent the last three years in bliss. The chances of them matching were actually quite slim, with Georgia living in Bendigo and Cailtin in Melbourne – but they found each other anyway. “When we backtracked to how our radius collided, we put it down to Georgia being in Melbourne one weekend, and Caitlin had been at the airport where she was away visiting some friends in Sydney. For some reason, we popped up on each other’s Tinder and matched!! We moved fairly quickly after talking online to texting to then organising that we meet halfway in Gisborne. Caitlin’s rule was that we had to meet in ten days, and Georgia made sure they spoke on the phone to ensure she wasn’t a serial killer. Sure enough, the Wednesday dinner date rolled around, and we met at the local pub. It was a fantastic evening where all we did was talk for hours about work, life, where we want to be in the future and who we are. Finally, the waiter told us they were closing and we needed to leave. Safe to say we organised another date soon after!”

After months of talking about ring preferences, Georgia had planned to propose to Caitlin in their lounge room. Once they had tried on a few styles and Caitlin had picked out her favourites, Georgia rushed to order the perfect one. “The ring was posted in the mail, and it was a terrifying few days of waiting for it to arrive. The day it was due to come, Caitlin was meant to work in the office. I had planned to ‘have a sick day’, and then Caitlin popped her head into the kitchen and said, ‘George, I’m working from home today’. I had to think of a cover story pretty quickly. The doorbell rang, and I told Caitlin that I had a little present just cause, but she wasn’t getting it yet. I quickly rushed down to Pandora and bought a ring as a cover-up for weeks until the day was planned,” she recalled.

“On the day of the proposal, I set up the living room with candles, fairy lights, and pictures of us. A platter was prepared with wine and chocolate. We had planned to go out for dinner, so I called Caitlin as she was on her way home to hurry her up because we had a 6 o’clock booking. Caitlin rushed in the door with no idea and just said WOW, what is going on? She walked through the hallway of tea light candles into me, standing at the end where there were flowers on a bar cart. Caitlin still didn’t really have any idea what was going on because it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to do cute things like this until I got down on one knee and proposed! She burst into tears and asked if I was serious! She said Yes!”

But that wasn’t where the proposals ended – as Caitlin also proposed to Georgia on a beach soon after! “I proposed to Georgia the day before New Year’s Eve on the beach at Barwon Heads; we had headed down there to spend some time with our close friends and thought it would be the perfect opportunity. I really wanted George to have the experience of being proposed to even though she had already proposed to me. It was really important to me that she had that moment and memory. She was a nightmare to pick a ring for because she couldn’t decide what she wanted. After three failed attempts trying to order something, having the invoice in my inbox to pay and coincidently, the next day, Georgia would come out and say she wanted something totally different. I decided just to pick a ring and commit to it because if it were up to Georgia, she probably still wouldn’t have decided. I must note she totally loves the ring that I chose and is really happy with it,” Caitlin explained.

“We had a beautiful dinner at Barwon Heads overlooking the water and decided to go for a walk along the beach as the sunset. We sat down on the sand, and Georgia got up to leave, and I got on my knee and proposed. Georgia thought I was joking until I pulled out the ring box, opened it, and asked her to marry me. Safe to say that Georgia said yes and was very happy with the moment we shared on the beach!!”

Their florals were done by Hailey Paige Flowers, creating these beautiful pops of colour. “They were great; they really helped us with our budget and understood our vision. This was really important to us. We wanted to have an impact and bright colours but were also sticking to a budget.”

Prue Peters was the perfect photographer for Caitlin and Georgia and slotted right in with the fun vibes of the day. “Prue was great; she was fun, calm and happy to go with the flow. We didn’t need to tell her anything or worry about anything. She captured our moments perfectly. We wanted a ‘fun vibe’ as both Caitlin and I are a little bit camera-shy. We did an engagement shoot with Prue a few weeks before the wedding, which we are so glad we did to help us settle into what is in front of the camera looks like. She really kept us so calm on our day, and we are so thankful for her!”

Before the ceremony, they did a first look and photo shoot with their photographer, Prue. Their favourite photo from the day? “We LOVE the photo in front of the graffiti that says ‘Like a girl’ – it’s so fun and was the first photo that Prue shared! We fell in love instantly!”

Two Ton Max was the venue for these brides, bringing the perfect blend of industrial architecture and bright, light-filled spaces. “We fell in love with Two Ton Max – we were on the hunt for an industrial vibe that we could have both our ceremony and reception at. We had a lot of family travelling from regional Victoria and Sydney, so we wanted to make it easy for everyone. Two Ton ticked all our boxes in that regard, along with amazing customer service; the process was so easy from start to finish. We LOVED our planner and felt so supported and heard!”

They hired Bangin Hangins, who brought in these beautiful orange-toned pieces to decorate the ceiling and add more dimension to the space. “We thought they brought such a fun vibe over our ceremony space and then reception.”

Both Caitlin and Georgia walked down the aisle with their Dads as Matt Corby’s “Resolution” played. Waiting at the end of the aisle was a beautiful floral arbour that matched their bouquets, as well as the candles that they sourced themselves.

Custom Celebrations by Dee was the celebrant for this couple, helping to keep the ceremony relaxed, light and, of course, fun! “We felt Dee really did that for us. We were both really nervous, mostly nervous about the ceremony, but we are so glad we worked with Dee, who made us feel so comfortable. We wanted to keep the ceremony short and sharp so we could enjoy cocktail hour and the reception.”

They also included a wedding reading from Everything I Know About Love by Dolly Alderton – a beautiful reading. We’ve included just a taste for those who haven’t heard it before.

“I know that love can be loud and jubilant…

It can be dancing in the swampy mud and the pouring rain at a festival and shouting “YOU ARE AMAZING” over the band.

It’s introducing them to your colleagues at a work event and basking in pride as they make people laugh and make you look lovable just by dint of being loved by them.

It’s laughing until you wheeze…”

Georgia and Caitlin loved everything about their day, but their top five most loved things were:

“1. Our dads walking us down the aisle

2. Doing a first look

3. Photos before the ceremony

4. Good music

5. Staying together the night before.”

What is their best advice for future couples planning a wedding? “Spend time together! We had advice from friends that the day goes so quickly, so we made an effort to spend time together during the reception. Look for each other. This was the best advice ever. Cait and I felt we spent so much of our day together. We went and said hello to people together because it is hard to get around to everyone! Best advice!”

Caitlin and Georgia chose to forgo a traditional wedding party, instead enlisting the help of their loved ones to help in other ways throughout the day. “It just wasn’t quite right for us, so we decided that our special people would be involved in other ways throughout our ceremony and reception. We had a friend do a reading; friends sign our marriage certificate and some special speeches.”

For their first dance, Georgia and Caitlin chose a John Mayor cover of the Beyonce song “XO” for a more acoustic, chill atmosphere.

Congratulations to Caitlin and Georgia for creating this fun, colourful and bright wedding! And thanks to Prue Peters Photography for capturing and submitting it for us to share.