There’s nothing more fitting for a Valentine’s Day feature than one full of a romantic red colour scheme and beautiful florals! Welcome to Nastassja and Mark’s eclectic wedding on this love-filled Wednesday.

From the luscious reds and petal pinks, this wedding was filled with traditions, old-time faves and extra additions. Nastassja’s love of bright colours and Mark’s love of tradition were overshadowed by their love for each other and their family. And that love was captured by the incredible Jackie Coogan from Little Chief Photography and La Este Films.

“Mark and I met on the apps, Bumble, to be precise. If I’m honest, I don’t even remember swiping right on him, but someone was clearly watching over us to make sure we met. We chatted for a few days and went on our first date at the Boathouse in Essendon in late January 2019. We had a wonderful lunch and chatted all afternoon; neither wanted it to end, so we went off for Messina ice cream. Mark bravely got in my car, to find out quickly that he didn’t enjoy being the passenger to my driving – ha! We had lots of wonderful dates over that year; he went home to New Zealand that Christmas, and I went to see my brother in London in 2020. The time apart made us realise how much we enjoyed each other’s company,” Nastassja explained. The catalyst that moved their relationship forward was Covid. Not knowing when they’d be able to see each other again, and with all the restrictions, Nastassja decided it was time her house became a home. “My parents had moved to Geelong in mid-2019; with all the restrictions, it was months between visits. Being from a close-knit family, Mark and I decided maybe it might be worth looking at houses near my folks. On Mark’s third-ever visit to Geelong, we found our dream home – it had a Vogue-worthy kitchen, and I knew it was meant for us! We sold our Melbourne homes and signed the paperwork; we were Geelong’s newest residents! We moved in September 2020 during lockdowns and felt like we were on the road to something really special. We had been settled into our new digs for less than six months, and we found out we were expecting. Our perfect family was starting to take shape!”

During the midst of one of Melbourne’s infamous lockdowns in 2021, Nastassja was covered in flour, baking in their beautiful new kitchen when Mark entered with their dog Toffee— and tied to Toffee’s collar? A stunning diamond ring! “He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes!! The ring was everything I could have dreamed of; I asked Mark for a round diamond and the biggest he was willing to pay for, haha. He did well!! Now, every 30th May, I make the same yoghurt cake as our new tradition.”

Nastassja hadn’t grown up knowing she wanted to get married, but as soon as she began planning their wedding, she knew she wanted an extra wedding full of her two favourite colours, pink and red. “I loved the entire process! I LOVE to throw a party, and when I do, I go all out!!! The atmosphere of the day was incredible; it was only our nearest and dearest, so you could really feel the love in the room.”

After only six months of dating, she knew he was the one, so not wanting to waste a minute, she purchased a wedding gown. “Unfortunately, with COVID and a baby, my waistline had expanded a little, so I had to get another dress. I found the perfect pink cupcake and knew it was the dress I was going to get married in,” she described. “I wore a dress from plus-sized brand Eloquii in America; I took a huge risk ordering it online…. it fit like a glove, like it was made to measure. I was honestly so lucky; the day after the dress arrived, the company sent an email to say they were no longer offering international shipping!”

Her wedding party included her two best friends, who wore Nastassja’s favourite dresses from their latest collection from Alessandra, where she works as a designer. The dresses were a beautiful midi-length pink with a red floral pattern and big puffy sleeves that ended at the elbow. Her flower girl was her best friend’s daughter, wearing a beautiful red-tiered dress. And her pageboy was their son, who wore a navy three-piece suit to match his dad.

A wedding tradition they included was something old/borrowed, which was a brooch from her best friend. “It was actually her grandmother’s; it was so special. On her wedding day, I lent her my grandmother’s sapphire ring, so I was so sweet she had something to do the same. The something new was many things, but I purchased a beautiful pair of Carolina Herrera earrings that I decided I would were to dinner on our anniversary every year. My something blue was something that still makes me cry even writing this now. My Nanna, who was very special to me, had a baby blue apron she would wear when she was cooking; it was very frayed at the edges with the pockets falling off, but when she passed away, I kept it, knowing one day I would do something with it. I cut out a little blue heart and sewed it into the back of the dress the night before the wedding because I wanted a part of her with me on our special day.”

Mark and his best man wore matching navy three-piece suits from Mr Brown – simple, classic and perfectly suited to him.

Her flowers for the day were full of rich reds and pretty pinks from The Posie Place. Within her bouquet, Nastassja had orchids – a flower both her Nanna and Mum had in their own wedding bouquets.

For their ceremony, Mark and Nastassja got married at St Mary’s Basilica, the church where her parents had gotten married in 1981. “Mark wanted it to be traditional, and it was lovely we could recreate their day.”

As she walked down the aisle with her dad on her arm, Nastassja chose “Simply The Best” by Noah Reid as her entrance song to remind Mark he was getting simply the best! “The look on Mark’s face as I walked down the aisle. I knew wearing a giant pink cupcake would be a risk as Mark is very conservative, but I think because I’m so extra, he had prepared himself for anything. The smile filled with nerves was the sweetest face; he was so happy to see me.”

The ceremony was traditional, but in Nastassja’s words, “the Priest was a young/hip priest though, so it made it much more lively than some weddings I had been to.” And since they had gotten married in a church, there was no room in the ceremony for personal vows.

The top five things Nastassja loved about the day were:

“1. I loved my dad walking me down the aisle; he was so proud! (and probably relieved I was someone else’s problem, ha)

2. I loved that even though I didn’t want a church wedding, the idea of sharing the tradition with my parents was so heartwarming.

3. I loved that every detail I wanted came together on the day better than I could have ever imagined.

4. I loved that all of our family and friends made our love feel so special.

5. I loved that we have started our very own traditions we hope our children will help live on.”

Jackie from Little Chief Photography was the couple’s choice of photographer for the day. After stumbling across her work on social media, they instantly knew she was the one for them. “I called her, and she said she was moving overseas and was unavailable. Her life trajectory took a different turn, and I got a phone call from her months later to say she was available. I never looked for another photographer because I was so devastated when she said she wasn’t available, so I honestly believe she was meant to capture our special day! Jackie was an absolute delight; she just felt like she had another mate there on the day. She knows just how to make herself feel warm without feeling like you have someone in your face taking photos; she is just perfect!!”

Since they didn’t get to exchange vows at the ceremony, Nastassja wrote a poem for Mark that she read during the speeches – and it was Mark’s favourite part of the day!

“This is the poem Today is the day of you and me,

One I thought would never be,

I never imagine that in my life,

I would call someone husband and they’d call me wife,

Our love story began on the dating apps,

Which lead to surprisingly long message chats,

Date after date, we had so much fun,

Although, of course, There was that shitty one,

Covid struck and things got tricky,

Suddenly I had a housemate and his apartment got the flicky,

It wasn’t very long before we bought in Geelong,

And with a surprise addition,

We had bucked all traditions,

So you got down on one knee and asked me to be your wife,

And I’m sure my dad warned you, you be stuck with me for life,

They say a girl tries to marry her dad,

And you were the closest there was to be had,

Of course I said yes!!

Only to admit I already had the dress,

I secretly hoped I would find my Prince Charming,

Never to imagine you’d be my cyber security darling,

Let’s raise a toast to my new man.

Now you’re part of the Corker clan!!”

The reception venue was actually Nastassja’s favourite local restaurant in Geelong, Alma. “We have been going there since we moved to Geelong; on one visit just before our son was born, I asked if they would consider letting us have the wedding in the restaurant. They told us they had an upstairs function room, which was beyond perfect!”

Throughout the night, guests could find little touches of DIY from Nastassja and Mark, from their upcycled phone table to the endless little items across the reception. Their dream team of vendors all came together to create their perfect Electic pink and red wedding, and Nastassja and Mark couldn’t have been happier. “All of the vendors were amazing!! The DJ playing the sax getting our guests revved up to dance. The restaurant with exquisite food. The florist with oh-so-perfect blooms. The baker who made our stunning cake. Every single person who played a role in our day was just heaven!!”

Their first dance was a very heavily debated topic – with neither Mark nor Nastassja backing down on their choice. “Mark wanted his favourite song (“Islands in the Stream” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers). I wanted “You Make My Dreams Come True” by Hall & Oates. We settled on Van Morrison’s “Days Like This” Mark felt this had a speed at which I could keep up with his dancing. Haha, Mark took many dance classes before we met, so he had all the moves.”

A huge congratulations is in order for Mark and Nastassja! You two created an incredible, eclectic wedding filled with lovely pinks and bold reds that you or your guests won’t forget for many years to come. And thanks to Little Chief Photography for capturing and submitting this beauty for us to share.