There’s nothing we don’t love about dramatic veils and delicate chiffon draping, and Sebastien Luke‘s Fall Winter Collection 2024 just might top the cake. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of a misty summer garden at dawn, this collection reminds us why we love this talented designer.

Featuring a harmonious blend of simplicity and romance, this collection offers a range of transformable accessories to effortlessly style different looks throughout your entire wedding day. Blooming flowers are artfully transformed into unique shapes and drapes, while the mystic ambience of the dew and mist is reimagined by textures and readings.

This captivating fashion editorial is lensed by the talented photographer India Hartford Davis. Under the creative direction of Ode, model Kadri Vahersalu brings these designs to life. Joel Phillips, an accomplished hair and makeup artist, adds the perfect finishing touches to enhance the editorial’s aesthetic. Lola Mansell, digital operator, masterfully refines the visual narrative. The stylist’s assistant, Marijn Speijer, plays a crucial role in executing the stylistic vision, contributing to the overall finesse of this mesmerizing showcase of high fashion.

Sebastien Luke’s Fall Winter Collection 2024 can be found at Australian stockist, The Bridal Curator.