We can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year than by featuring renowned Australian wedding gown designer, Anna Campbell, and her enchanting new collection, “Written in the Stars.”

Inspired by the cosmic wonders that grace the night sky, this enchanting collection features decadent hand-embellished detailing, draping silk, daring side splits and shimmering tassels that catch the light with every step. Each piece is a stunning masterpiece, showcasing the designer’s signature blend of timeless romance and modern elegance.

“Creating ‘Written in the Stars’ was like capturing a piece of the universe’s essence” reflects Anna, Creative Director.

“From timeless signatures that we’ve cherished since our beginning to the infusion of contemporary elements and a dash of extraordinary, each piece is woven with authenticity. What has always driven me in the creative process is ensuring each bride shines as she walks down the aisle, which is truly manifested within this collection”

Anna Campbell’s dedication to innovation and artistic expression is evident throughout this collection. ‘Written in the Stars’ dares to be different, encouraging brides to break free from traditional constraints and create their own unique wedding day narrative.

Captured through the lens of the incredibly talented Nathan Lapham, this enchanting editorial features the stunning Nerize Peyper, represented by Vivien’s Model Agency, and the captivating Liv Rahmé, represented by Scoop Management. The seamless collaboration between these two models brings a dynamic energy to the visuals, showcasing the artistry that unfolds when talent meets vision. The ethereal setting of Komorebi provides the perfect backdrop for this fashion narrative, with its natural beauty harmonizing effortlessly with the grace and poise of the models. The shoot was pulled together by exceptional hair and makeup artist, Tanielle Jai.

Gowns and separate sets are priced between AU$4,799.00-AU$6,699.00 and sizes available between 4XS-4XL.