After years in the making, the collaborative masterpiece “KR x CM” by Katie Rose Jewellery in partnership with Christina Macpherson, presents itself as the ultimate source of inspiration for your wedding jewellery.

Designed to seamlessly accompany daily life, these treasures are crafted to endure the test of time, destined to be cherished eternally. This collection evokes emotion through organic fluid design, incorporating ethically sourced stones using traditional techniques. It serves as the ideal inspiration for wedding jewellery that transcends the wedding day, remaining a cherished accessory long after the celebrations.

Throughout this evocative shoot, the lens of the talented photographer, Tom Paterson, immortalizes the essence of this beautiful collaboration. The masterful touch of food, prop, and set styling was expertly handled by Alexandra Laviolette.

The artistic finesse of hair and makeup was orchestrated by the skilled hands of Luciana Briedis, enhancing the natural beauty of model, Christina Macpherson. Torah Phillips, the stylist, curated an exquisite look that complemented the jewellery’s whimsical essence.