ULTRAVIOLET by Georgia Young Couture explores the playful sense of light with a shimmering palette and scattering adornment of pearlescent embellishment. Captured through the lens of the talented Lauren Schulz, this 8-piece, ready-to-wear collection redefines the essence of modern bridal elegance.

Dive into the world of ULTRAVIOLET as models Anastasia Stanislaus from Chadwick Models, and Maia O’Connor managed by Bella Management, take centre stage to showcase juxtaposing elements of structure, fluidity and luminosity

This stunning collection is a symphony of radiance that balances the interplay of light and shadow with effortless grace, brought to life by the makeup artistry of Hilary Holmes Makeup and the skilful hands of hairstylist Mae Taylor.

ULTRAVIOLET by Georgia Young Couture is available in all sizes.