Change is something we experience on a daily basis, but making huge world-shifting changes to our lives isn’t easy. This is the case for Ali when he moved across the world to be with the one he loved, Sarah. This sunset engagement shoot, captured by the talented Amy Allen Creative Co., showcases this gorgeous couple and the beauty of change through seasons.

Having grown up in the same circle, it was only a matter of time before Sarah and Ali got to know each other. Sarah was living on the other side of the world from Ali for a while, before heading home for a bit. That’s when he built up the courage to message her, “He’s very shy so this was unusual for him.” Sarah shared.

They were in a long-distance relationship for a while before Ali couldn’t resist moving to the other side of the world to be closer to Sarah. “Doing it long distance was ROUGH (do not recommend) but we stuck it out and made it work! It takes a lot of love and commitment to do something like that.”

Adjusting to living in Australia was a learning curve for Ali, as the culture and laws here are very different from his home country. “Coming from a whole different country where laws and the way of life are so different, it was such a shock to Ali moving to Australia to see the way we live and how privileged we are!” Sarah explained. “Just something as simple as pumping your own fuel was so crazy to him, as where he is from you can’t do that. There’s so much his still learning about that is so surprising to him, it’s like a child learning something for the first time!”

Their proposal story had a bit of a rocky start: “Funny story, I had planned a trip to go visit Ali for a few weeks. Covid hit hard at the time and airports shut down with no way of knowing when they’d reopen again,” she explained. “Ali had planned his proposal for this trip and obviously that didn’t work out. One night after getting off a staff meeting on Zoom I had gotten a call from Ali and was told to go to my living room. That’s where my family had set up the proposal for him and we got engaged over Facetime! It was very cute!”

These stunning sunset engagement portraits were taken by Amy Allen Creative Co. as part of a pre-wedding session. “We wanted some portraits to remember our young selves by and practise for the wedding.. and they turned out beautiful!”

For their autumnal engagement shoot, they chose a gorgeous local park to showcase the beautiful nature of the changing seasons. They chose this bright orange tree as the centrepiece of their photoshoot, highlighted by the setting sun – making the leaves almost glow.

The couple couldn’t speak higher of their photographer, saying: “There aren’t enough words to describe how amazing of a photographer she is and the biggest cheerleader when getting your pics taken. She’s a pleasure to work with, with the most beautiful soul!”