Filled to the brim with foodie elements, pops of pride and Taylor Swift, Cale and Matt threw the perfect wedding to celebrate their relationship. They invited all their friends and family to join them in Perth to party the night away and share in their happiness.

MT Weddings went along for the ride to capture the day in all of its vibrant glory. “Tijana was incredible. She just knew exactly what to do and how to get the shot. I could not have imagined a better photographer, and I recommend Mitch & Tijana to literally everyone planning their wedding.”

“Long story short, I stalked Cale on Instagram and slid into his DM’s before that was a thing (10 years ago!). I remember seeing Cale covered in Harry Potter tattoos and the rest is history. Cale lived in Melbourne and I lived in Perth, we did the long-distance relationship for about 10 months and then Matt moved to Melbourne.”

With food being such a huge part of their relationship (check out their Instagram @thermodudes!), it’s no surprise that it was also involved in the proposal. “Well, we are big foodies and when we first moved in with each other, Cale’s mum gave us a Thermomix to cook with. We use it basically every day and for every meal. We were in Melbourne during lockdown, and for my 30th birthday, we had a lot of restrictions, so Cale organised a dinner provided by a local winery the night before my actual 30th. He said my present could be opened after dinner, and it ended up being the latest Thermomix,” Matt reminisced. “He told me the steaming basket was new and that I had to open the box completely, at which time he was kneeling on the ground, and the ring box was in the machine! From that day, we became the engaged Thermodudes, posting foodie videos all the time and actually being Thermomix consultants.”

Their wedding day started with Cale and Matt spending their time getting ready together – and they loved every second of it. “There were so many beautiful moments of the day; I honestly think one of my favourites was actually spending the morning and day with Cale. We didn’t want to be separated prior to the wedding, so we spent the whole day together, which just made it so much more special. It was so unique having all his Melbourne friends and family here mixed with my Perth friends and family, it is a once-in-a-lifetime memory and I will always treasure that.”

They wore matching neutral-toned suits with pink bow ties. To add a pop of colour (and pride), they also wore rainbow socks to liven the finished outfits.

Cale and Matt had one joint wedding party made up of their closest friends and family. “We went for neutral soft tones again and different styles. We let everyone pick out their own outfits and somehow it all worked out and looked amazing together. As we had males and females in our party, we wanted the guys to have a similar vibe of suit to us, with green shirts.”

Instead of a post-ceremony photoshoot, Cale and Matt chose to do their’s pre-ceremony. “Tijana is actually a magician. She somehow captured every single detail perfectly on the day,” Matt explained. “One of my absolute favourites was when we were outside of The Como Treasury building, where we stayed, and they asked us to dance. It feels funny when you’re doing these things but the moment was captured perfectly. They also had us in the bathtub in our suits with a champagne bottle showing off our rainbow socks, that was really cool too!”

Their venue for the day was in the Perth CBD but has unfortunately now closed. “We loved the Flour Factory as it resonated with us (Flour…. food…) as we loved baking and we also wanted something central, because Cale’s family and friends were coming over from Melbourne. We wanted something fun and giving party vibes, so we had both the ceremony and reception here.”

All of the fabulous flowers and styling you see were done by Sarah from Emerald & Onyx. “She was amazing and looked after my vision, and exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t that fussed, I just wanted some boho-chic type vibes and lots of fun with them.”

Opting for separate entrances, Matt and Cale walked down the aisle separately with their parents on either arm. They walked to the beats of “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.

Running the couple’s ceremony was Married by Alex, who helped to keep it sweet and short. The ceremony soon wrapped up after Cale and Matt finished their personal vows to each other and sealed their marriage with a kiss.

It was important for Cale and Matt to display their love for each other in front of their friends and family. “Well, for a lot of people, this was their first gay wedding. We both grew up in a world where two men could not legally get married, so this was something we wanted to pay our respect to and really wanted people to understand our story.”

Because they had already done their portraits, the reception immediately kicked off. After the speeches from friends and family finished, the night soon moved into party mode.

The only DIY detail they had was this stunning cake made by their friend Tyne. “She made the most spectacular cake that showed off some rainbow colours and layers. It was amazing!”

With “Lover (First Dance Remix)” by Taylor Swift playing, Cale and Matt had their first dance. “Taylor Swift has been a big part of my life and I have always loved her music, everyone knows I’m a big Swifty, so this song summarised the moment perfectly, and just felt so right.”

After their sweet first dance, their DJ, Drag Queen Dean Misdale, turned up the party vibes and got everyone on their feet. They started everything off with a special performance, then sang a couple of songs throughout the night.

What advice do these newlyweds want to leave you with? “Honestly, spend the day together (before the wedding) and get photos done prior to the ceremony and reception. It made such a difference being able to spend the morning getting ready together and really made the day more memorable. It was also a huge help having the photos done prior to the wedding and you didn’t have to leave your friends and family to get photos done separately.”

Congratulations Cale and Matt on this radiant (and luscious) wedding! And a huge thanks to Tijana from MT Weddings for capturing it and sending it our way.