Weddings are celebrations of love and unity full of joy, excitement, and anticipation. As an opportunity to express your identity, choosing your wedding day outfit can feel overwhelming and can be even more so for non-binary individuals, or those wanting a gender-neutral wedding day look. Jess from Wil Valor has put together “Creating A Gender Neutral Wedding Day Suit” for The Style Issue and delves into the history of the suit, and ways to craft a suit for a wedding look that steps away from tradition and is all about expressing your individuality.

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In the past, wedding attire has been confined to rigid gender norms. Men wore suits, women wore gowns. In fact, this was not just in weddings but all society… Until suits were able to break free of this.

The Modern History of Suits

Historically, suits were emblematic of traditional masculinity and were worn exclusively by men. It was not considered proper for women to wear such masculine ensembles as they had become somewhat of a power token. However, as women entered the workforce during World War II, they began adopting trousers and suits as a practical means of clothing.

This shift marked the beginning of a slow movement towards gender neutrality in fashion. Women’s adoption of suits began stripping society’s associations of masculinity with suits and revealed a new, gender-neutral category of clothing that would be widely accepted. Suits, as a symbol of this transformation, now have little gender attachment, even in the wedding industry.


The Power of Gender Neutrality in Wedding Attire

The gender neutrality of suits as a wedding outfit can provide people with a liberating sense of freedom and self-expression. Suits offer a versatile canvas to craft an ensemble that aligns with your identity. The ability to create an outfit to represent your personality and individuality means a wedding day look that is a genuine representation of who you are without the stress of societal norms and expectations.

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Crafting a Gender-Neutral Wedding Suit

Designing a gender-neutral wedding suit is about embracing individuality and rejecting the constraints of the binary. This opens up a realm of possibilities for a unique and personalised wedding outfit. Here are some of our style suggestions for crafting a gender-neutral wedding suit:

Colour Exploration

If the traditional black, white, or navy does not resonate with your personal style, do not be bound by custom. Opting for colours that make you feel comfortable, complement your skin tone, and align with the overall theme of the wedding is the best way to go. From soft pastels to earthy tones or bolder hues and patterns, there is no going wrong for your big day. Our top 3 versatile picks are forest green, burgundy, and navy blue.


From crisp cotton to luxurious silk, your fabric will dictate the overall feel of your look. For example, breathable fabrics allow for comfort and ease of movement on the big day, and velvets and jacquards can bring that opulent, luxury aesthetic. Our best suggestion is a soft wool or wool blend with cashmere or linen (to pick up or lose some heat for different seasons).

Unique Details

Personal touches like embroidered initials, custom buttons, or a patterned lining are fun details to add to your wedding suit.

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Outfit Inspiration

Unsure of what to wear? We have got you covered. Here are our top 3 gender neutral wedding suit recommendations.

Forest Green

A popular and versatile colour. In a single-breasted, notch lapel suit with a crisp white shirt, there is no going wrong with this striking option. Not only will it fit most wedding themes, locations, and aesthetics, but is also easy to style. If you are a low-maintenance outfit person, this is the choice for you. The beauty of this suit is that it is easy to re-wear. For any upcoming formal occasion or daily life in the corporate world, this can be your new go-to.

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Sky Blue

A three-piece, textured wool suit in a sky-blue colour is a fantastic choice for your wedding day. The vest adds extra formality while the fabric gives it a more laid-back vibe. It creates the perfect, relaxed but well-dressed feeling that will really help to set the tone for the ceremony. If you are getting married in a hotter climate, the extra layer might have you feeling a little bit uncomfortable in the heat so make sure the weather will suit your outfit if you go with this one.

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Of course, we couldn’t go past the wedding classic. An all-white or cream suit is perfect for the occasion and can be made more exciting with a few easy styling moments. In either a single or double-breasted jacket with a peak lapel and straight-leg or wide-leg trousers, this is a timeless look that is hard to go past for your big day.

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How We Can Tailor to You

When it comes to the fit and silhouette of your wedding suit, every person and body is different. We work with you to find out how you want to feel and how you’d like to enhance or mask your body to achieve that feeling. We can create a boxier mid-section for your jacket seamlessly falling from your shoulders to your hips to take away any curves. Or, if it’s your preferred look, we can snatch the waist in for greater definition. The volume of your lower half can be manipulated by the style of trousers that can be made wide or straight to increase volume and balance a wider top half or made to be tapered or fitted to show off your legs and draw the eye down for height. The shoulders can be padded to give you a stronger frame or left unpadded if you’d like a softer line.

There are a number of details that will contribute to the overall look of your suit, and we work to create a wedding outfit that speaks to you. We understand the art of tailoring and we seek to understand what will help you feel most comfortable to build the silhouette you most enjoy. Think of your suit tailor as a design space for your thoughts. A custom suit is built for you, with you, and to help you feel your most confident.

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Redefining Tradition

Weddings should be a celebration of love that transcends the confines of gender. As society evolves towards greater inclusivity and acceptance, weddings have become a platform to showcase the beauty of diversity and individuality. By embracing gender-neutral suits and non-binary wedding attire, couples are inspiring a new generation to celebrate love and self-expression beyond the binary.

Non-traditional wedding outfits like suits exemplify the power of gender neutrality and the transformative effect of wearing a suit that reflects your personality. Suits – once gendered outfits – have evolved into a symbol of inclusivity, empowering individuals to express themselves on their special day. By embracing gender-neutral wedding attire, couples or individuals have the power to redefine tradition and inspire a world that embraces diversity, acceptance, and love that transcends gender.

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