We’re diving into the world of wedding fashion – specifically wedding party fashion – focusing on something that’s both wallet-friendly and totally chic. Because, let’s be honest, we all want everyone to feel absolutely comfortable and to look their best, right? So how do you strike that perfect balance between affordability, being “on theme” for your wedding day, and having your loved ones feel great? Tessa from Bridesmaids Only is here to tell us how to make sure your special day is a win-win for everyone involved in “Wedding Looks: Work With Your Wedding Party’s Budget & Style” – making everyone feel comfortable & beautiful, for The Style Issue!

Images: Untamed Creative / Bridesmaids wear Zara in Cashmere from Bridesmaids Only

While everybody understands that a wedding day is all about the couple’s dreams and visions, it is equally crucial to consider the feelings and needs of the wedding party. Each member of the wedding party is unique, with different body shapes, budgets, and styles. Ensuring their comfort and happiness will make your wedding day shine even brighter, sprinkled with magical moments creating a day to remember for all. Our biggest tip to achieve this is open communication, smart styling choices, and incorporating the couple’s vision while keeping the individuality of the wedding party members in mind.

The Budget & Style Dilemma: A Source of Stress

Planning a wedding is meant to be fun, and full of excitement and laughter, but it can also be a source of stress, especially when it comes to considering the cost of wedding party outfits. Awkward conversations may arise later on if the financial responsibilities are not communicated from the start. There are many designs that will suit everybody’s budget without compromising on style, just ask us – it honestly brings us so much joy putting wedding party looks together!

Additionally, choosing a style that suits all members of the wedding party can be challenging. For instance, if everyone is required to match, but they have different body shapes, some members may end up feeling uncomfortable, and might be too embarrassed to speak up. As a stylist who has been in the change room during these moments, it breaks my heart to see women feeling pressured into something they clearly feel very uncomfortable wearing when I know there are so many beautiful options that would make them feel amazing. We also offer an in-home “Try Before You Buy” service that allows wedding parties to try on our showroom designs from the comfort of their own home and all fees associated are credited towards your final purchase.

Images: Aleisha Edwards / Emerald Gowns by Bridesmaids Only

Start with Communication: Avoid The Awkwardness

The key to avoiding unnecessary stress and ensuring a harmonious wedding party is open communication from the very beginning. We recommend chatting about budgets, styles, and comfort levels with each wedding party member privately as this will take away peer pressure and provide a more personalised moment with your wedding party members, showing them you care about them as individuals.

We have created a free downloadable resource that you can share privately with each member of the wedding party. This resource not only lets them know who will be responsible for paying for what but also encourages them to share their budgets and expectations. This way, everyone’s financial comfort levels are taken into account, and concerns can be privately voiced. Providing this information to your stylist will further ensure that the selected designs align with both the budgets and preferences while remaining in harmony with the couple’s vision.

Images: Salt Atelier / Gowns by Bridesmaids Only

Making Everyone Feel Their Best: Embrace Individuality

A successful wedding day is not only about bringing the couple’s vision to life but also ensuring that each wedding party member looks and feels their absolute best. Embracing individuality is key. One effective approach is to consider mix-and-match collections where designers have crafted dresses in precisely the same colour, fabric, and bottom half of the design, while the top half varies to accommodate different body shapes and concerns. This way, bridesmaids and other members of the wedding party can choose specific design elements that cater to their unique needs, such as thick straps for proper bra support, enclosed backs, sleeves, halter necklines, and more.

Images: Untamed Creative / Bridesmaids wear Zara in Cashmere from Bridesmaids Only

About Bridesmaids Only: The Bridesmaids Only difference – a fun and Supportive shopping experience. At Bridesmaids Only, our brand is all about bringing back the joy and removing the stress from the wedding planning process. Our friendly and knowledgeable stylists love assisting wedding parties in finding the perfect outfit that compliments their figure and budget. We take pride in helping couples achieve the style they desire while prioritising the happiness and comfort of their wedding party.