You know that old Hollywood glamour that seems to never lose its sparkle? It’s this beauty that Beth and Jeremy embraced (with the help of their dream team) for a stunning engagement session by the sea.

With photographer Bella Weddings inspired by a photo of a couple with a vintage Mustang on Pinterest, she set about making magic happen for Beth & Jeremy. “The vision for the styled engagement shoot was a vintage/retro style with an editorial touch. I wanted to showcase a stunning classic car (from Dream Rides Cars), minimalist floral styling (by Petal Society) as well as a real, loved-up couple! When I was thinking of a couple for the shoot, I thought of Beth and Jeremy after they booked me to shoot their wedding which is coming up in October 2023! They got engaged at Freshwater Beach so it was only fitting that the styled shoot was at the same location. I also photograph in both digital and 35mm film so also wanted to capture my own photography and shooting style within the shoot!”

Beth adding “We thought this style of photoshoot was classic and beautiful and were drawn to it as we imagined reminiscing on the photos for years to come. We wanted to capture our love for each other as it is now and the romance and fun that comes with being engaged! We also felt that the retro car and stunning floral styling would make beautiful photos to use in all our pre-wedding stationery.”

It was during COVID on dating platform Hinge, that Beth & Jeremy’s story began. “We matched on Hinge during the COVID lockdown and met in person when the NSW restrictions allowed you to exercise with someone in the same LGA” explains Beth. “Luckily we lived in the same area and decided to first meet for a walk. It didn’t take long into meeting in person that we realised we had actually gone to primary school together with Jeremy in just a grade above me! We also realised our mum’s worked together and shared many other funny connections that it felt like we were always destined to meet and already had so much in common. As restrictions eased our dates went from walks, to picnics, to dinner once restaurants reopened and the rest is history!”

The proposal a romantic tale in the very same spot that the couple celebrated with their engagement shoot. “Jeremy proposed to me on a beautiful Saturday morning in Freshwater in November 2022. I had a suspicion that a proposal may be on its way but didn’t expect it to be the day he proposed as he’s a paramedic and had just finished working a night shift at 7am! He had told me to wear a nice dress and that we were going out for brunch but when I arrived he suggested we walk down to Freshwater beach instead. We walked along the rocks and he asked if I would climb up onto a large rock (about 11ft tall!) and once I reached the top I saw that he had set up a picnic with all of my favourite treats and a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him – easiest decision of my life. I was then surprised by both of our families and grandparents and we went to a beautiful lunch together to celebrate.”

What Beth adores about Jeremy? “I love Jeremy’s thoughtful and kind heart. He listens like no one else I’ve ever met and is genuinely so interested in every aspect of my life which makes me feel so loved. He is so generous with his time and is constantly helping everyone around him with anything they need, I’m constantly in awe of his care for others and willingness to help. He is also so much fun, we are always laughing together and he’s truly my best friend and favourite person to spend time with. Jeremy says he loves my kindness and caring nature and that I love those important to me very deeply. He also loves my willingness to step out of my comfort zone for him and that I’m able to try new things or things that would usually scare me. He also says he loves that I work hard in all I do.”