If you’re looking for an easy DIY for your hen’s party, these sweet letter rings are not only super DUPER fun to make, but they’re speedy, simple for the less crafty among us, and all the materials are incredibly easy to source right now (thank you, Ms Swift). Personalise your own (or your pals) for a fun accessory, add cocktails and you’ve got a great crafternoon ahead of you. Try your hand at these Fun & Quirky DIY Rings Tutorial for Hen’s Parties for The Style Issue.

What You Will Need:

  • Alphabet and coloured beads
  • Thin gauge wire (we used 28)
  • Cocktails! Have you tried a raspberry mojito? Go on…

Step One 

Gather all the beads you’re using and keep them organised in separate bowls. Source some 28 gauge wire, and cut into approximately 8-10cm pieces. Loop the wire at one end to stop the beads from slipping off. Once you’re happy with the design and size, loop the wire through and the other end and twist to secure the beads. Voila!

Once you get in the groove you’ll be throwing out new designs every few minutes! These sweet rings are a fun accessory, a sweet addition to an invite, and especially fun to make when gathered with your besties. Don’t forget the mojitos!