In “Floral Wedding Trends & How To Stay True To You!” Natalia from Fleur Societé explores the latest floral trends sweeping through weddings, infusing celebrations with vibrant colours and captivating arrangements. And while trends inspire, personalisation matters most! For The Style Issue, join Natalia as she showcases incredible floral displays and answers some burning questions for you, dear dotties… 

Image: Alice Andre Photography

What do you recommend for couples deciding what they want for their day?

My recommendation would be to stay true to yourselves, when it comes to not just the florals but your whole wedding style. At the end of the day, you are celebrating the love you share between yourselves and that is what everyone is witnessing and loves about the two of you. If you are a lover of bright – then go for bright, or if you prefer a more understated classic look – then do that. Weddings are most memorable when they reflect the personalities of the couple, rather than trying to create something based on what they think people want to see.

Are there some overlooked bloom types?

I think a lot of florals that used to be disregarded have started to come back in now. I always like to ask couples if there are particular flowers that they hate (and of course love!), and the general consensus is that they often dislike flowers from service stations! Service station flowers are not my style but when you dissect and look at the individual flowers that they usually consist of it is something along the lines of gerbera’s, carnations, possibly a rose or three, baby’s breath and foliage.

Individually these flowers can be really beautiful. Depending on the style of your wedding, gerberas can give a very fun, fresh and even retro feel. There are also so so many types of gerbera that many don’t realise are gerbera until told, so that is always a nice surprise. Carnations can be fluffy and gorgeous en masse and paired with big, fluffy roses. So whilst these are the most overlooked florals, I think they definitely can have their place in not just the old service station bunch.

What are some of the upcoming floral trends for the 2023/2024 seasons?

Bright, fun, textured

So many couples are opting for bright, fun and interesting colour combinations. Think colour blocking, monochromatic, ombre and featuring colours next to colours you wouldn’t normally think would work well together.

Focus more on different textures and movement of blooms as opposed to individual types of flowers i.e. we must have this particular flower in this colour, or we don’t like these types of flowers. There are so many incredible unusual blooms that have small exposure but punch with great impact.

Big, juicy installations

Think hanging installations, unstructured flowing pillar arrangements, cascading bar arrangements and staggered plinth arrangements en masse

Investing in what is important to you

Not everyone wants to have maids’ blooms and groomsmen’s blooms, let alone a wedding party. I’m seeing more couples injecting their money for larger feature installations and wow pieces for their ceremony and reception.

How is this done?

Smaller maids blooms – “mini” bouquets or single-stemmed blooms are a great way of adding colour so your maids/men still have something to hold without killing the vibe.

Re-utilising ceremony blooms for the reception – Are your ceremony pieces on plinths? These are great pieces to feature on your bar or next to your cake without the additional bloom expense. Being able to re-utilise these blooms means you can use those saved funds for larger statement pieces.

Welcome sign blooms are also beautiful however are often something that is seen for a minute when guests are passing by and not again. Opt for welcome blooms that sit at the base of your welcome sign or on a plinth so you can use them again for your reception.

And don’t forget your fruit and veg

Fruit and veg are a fun addition and create visual interest in varying heights and textures. Embellishing your fruit, veg and blooms is the next step! Anthurium is often a bloom that couples will love or hate but looks super cute when embellished.

What is the best way to book a florist that suits your personalities?

The best way is to scour social media and save different images that inspire you and reflect what you want for your day. Do you want classic, flowing, and romantic? Bright, fun? Retro? Save pictures from florists all over the world in this initial stage. Then have a look back you might realise you have a few different styles and see what you love best. Get in touch with a florist in your area that best reflects what you are going for and go from there.

Most of all, have fun with it! If you are feeling stressed about what colours to choose, let your florist know from the outset so they can help you. Flowers are such an amazing addition to any day and should be a fun, enjoyable experience.

I personally love meeting my clients and being able to bloom their day, it is such an exciting time in their lives and to be a part of something so special is such an incredibly rewarding feeling.

Images: Alice Andre Photography

About Natalia from Fleur Societé: I started F.S. purely for my utmost love for blooms. every season brings in new colours, and every day my suppliers bring in something new and inspiring to work with. I LOVE colour and working with different colours and blooms. give me a varied colour palette working with fresh and preserved blooms and you will see my eyes light up. I get very excited when I find new blooms that are unusual and unique, paired with classic blooms to create a technicolour wonderland of movement and shape. Let’s catch up for a coffee or wine, but first, let me know your vision for your day and we can go from there!