Today on Cocktail Friday we raise our glasses to the exquisite art from Elizabeth of ELK Prints, who have crafted a masterpiece that combines the essence of summer with the sophistication of spirits – the alluring Elderflower Gin & Tonic. But that’s not all; this special celebration of taste and artistry is further elevated by a stunning cocktail illustration by the budding mixologist and stationery designer herself that captures the very essence of the drink, bringing it to life in an explosion of colors and creativity. We are so here for the marriage of fine ingredients and artistic finesse in the Elderflower Gin & Tonic, a true testament to the craft and creativity of ELK Prints.


  • 1 part St Germain Liquer
  • 1 part Gin
  • 4 parts tonic water (if available use Elderflower tonic water to boost the elderflower notes)
  • 1 cucumber ribbon for garnish


  • Cocktail stirrer/skewer


Take a cocktail glass of your choosing (martini glasses are fabulous for this cocktail!), add ice first, then add all the other ingredients. Take your cucumber ribbon and spike it with a cocktail stirrer/skewer, give your cocktail a thorough stir, and leave the skewered cucumber ribbon in! Enjoy!

About ELK Prints & DesignELK Prints is a bespoke design and watercolour illustration studio that will help you tell your unique story from invitation suites through to event decor for the wedding day itself.