Summer days can seem far away during the greyest of winter months, but do you know what can make it so much better? Cocktails dear friends. Cocktails immediately transport us to long balmy nights in the Mediterranean, to dancing under the stars because the weather is actually warm, to dipping your toes in the water for cool relief. Let us transport you away with this week’s Cocktail Friday, the beautifully summery and equally worthy ‘holiday in a glass’ drink – the lemon gin spritz.

Now, this one is completely inspired by Bombay Citron Pressé – a gin flavoured with handpicked lemons of the Mediterranean summer that was so generously delivered to our doorstep. The lemons give it its own hue of sunshine (and there’s no added sugar, so in this one, the lemon really is the star of the show). And as far as a spirit goes? Nothing really feels more like summer than a tall icy spritz now does it?



  1. In a glass,  add Bombay Citron Pressé gin and lemon juice and stir
  2. Add plenty of ice to fill the glass
  3. Add soda water and top with Prosecco
  4. Garnish with lemon slices and stir before serving.

The Polka Dot Wedding team were kindly gifted the Bombay Citron Pressé gin for inclusion in our Cocktail Fridays. A big thanks to the Bombay Sapphire team!