Weddings are usually multi-venue affairs, but there are definitely perks to having the ceremony and reception all in one place. With a venue like Zonzo Estate, which houses a farm, restaurant, and winery, you’ll want for nothing more.

Rod Micallef, the director of Zonzo Estate, is here to talk about their humble beginnings as a restaurant and how they became one of the most booked wedding venues in Yarra Valley. Fun fact: Rod met his wife at Zonzo Estate and of course, got married there!

In this chat we discuss:

  • Zonzo Estate’s unique approach to weddings
  • Zonzo Estate’s restaurant, farm, and winery
  • Advantages of having one venue for your wedding day
  • Creating a network of trusted suppliers
  • How to choose your all-in-one venue
  • A seamless wedding day at Zonzo Estate
  • All-in-one venue vs blank canvas space
  • Styling the venue tastefully
  • How Zonzo Estate stays on trend

Having a single venue for your big day isn’t always cheaper, but it’s a lot less work for everyone involved. Parking and transportation become non-issues since there is only one location. Guests can make themselves comfortable without having to think of a place to wait at until the reception. The couple isn’t rushed from location to location either, allowing them to go at their own pace. All in all, the day flows better and there are more opportunities for the guests and couple to mingle.

There are a few things to consider when choosing your all-in-one venue. Are there multiple sites? Weddings take a full day, and it can feel like a long day without a change of scenery. Ask about weather contingency plans and the overall flow of the ceremony and reception. Couples are also encouraged to meet the staff so they can gauge if they feel comfortable with them and their service.

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