It has been some time since we last had a dream over Tel Aviv designer’s Lihi Hod work, and let us tell you, those years have been well spent by the looks of it because, with the unveiling of the 2024 “Day Dreaming” collection, we’ve well and truly stopped to pay attention.

This is a collection inspired aptly, by daydreams. Of “a deep yearning for elegance and fantastical dreams of beauty” and it honours the brand’s beautiful way of using classic silhouettes with luxurious fabrics and textures to allow every piece tell its own distinct story.

There is the simplicity of “Shayne” a square neck ballgown, with no adornment, letting the classic vibes do all the work. “Chloe” is a classic strapless sheath and even “Kira” for something more romantic – multi layers of tulle creating a fitted bodice with a dreamy skirt.  And if a dress doesn’t work for you? Try “Jackie” a three piece ensemble of a beautifully cut white crepe suit complete with lace bustier. Each piece is as elegant, but as refined and considered as the last, and each is completely worthy of being chosen for your walk down the aisle.

Lihi Hod ships to Australia by request and can also be found in Melbourne at MAËLLE.