Planning a wedding is an exciting journey filled with anticipation and a whole lot of love. We understand the importance of curating an unforgettable experience that reflects your unique love story, and for a lot of couples, this includes a celebration that truly rings in this new era of your relationship. We have some words of wisdom from the brilliant team at Nudo Events for The Planning Issue on creating wedding magic, and making your wedding celebration truly epic!

You’re engaged, congratulations! We have no doubt that there are a million thoughts, questions, and ideas swirling through your mind right now about what the planning journey looks like, so allow us to lay it all out for you! The Nudo team are experts in planning and executing epic events, so we know a thing or two about what should go on your wedding planning checklist. Eager to learn more about what to do once you get engaged? Keep reading!

Work Out Your Priorities For The Day

You and your lover need to take a seat and decide what the most important aspects of your day are. This could be anything from the venue, to multiple outfits, florals, and styling, or a kickass live band – the things that are really going to elevate your wedding day and make it totally unforgettable. We recommend compiling a list of all of these items and ranking them from most to least important so that you can clearly see where your priorities lie, and where you’ll want to spend the bulk of your money. For some couples, it’ll all be about the outfits – custom-made dresses, embroidered suits, and designer shoes taking centre stage and proving to be the most important aspect of the day. And we don’t blame them, they will certainly catch the eye of every guest attending, and be the stand-out feature in all of your iconic portraits.

Book A Venue & Secure The Date

From a planning perspective, and for your day to look and feel how you want, your venue is arguably the most important aspect of your day and requires significant thought to ensure it’s the perfect spot to host your dream nuptials. Start by doing some research into what your ideal aesthetic is, whether it be rustic, romantic, modern, or coastal, and narrow down a list of a few iconic spaces that you’re eager to visit. Then reach out to these venues to take a tour!

For example, if you’re loving the sound of a luxe, heritage-listed venue located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, get in touch with the team at The Trust. If you’re wanting a more modern, blank space to weave your dream wedding magic then a DIY-esque venue like Two Ton Max is the way to go. Venue event teams will run through each and every question you have, outline all of the many stunning features of their venue, and paint a picture of what your wedding day will look like at the venue and any logistical points you may need to consider.

Our tip – be sure to check out a variety of different venues throughout this process – you never know what will catch your eye. Once you’ve decided on an amazing venue for your nuptials, picked the perfect date, and locked it in with the team, it’s time to get excited – the countdown begins!

Plan Your Budget

Once you’ve secured your dream venue, this is the point in the process where you can begin allocating what you’re willing to spend on every other component, based on your remaining budget. Right here, it’s all about being realistic about what your wedding day will look like. It’s not uncommon for one lover to be more willing to loosen the purse strings in order to ensure their day is exactly what they’ve envisaged, down to the finest details – that’s where the budget is important. Discussing each and every detail of the budget ensures that you won’t end up bickering about minor aspects of the wedding, and you’ll know exactly where each cent is going.

Lock In A Wedding Planner

You may be asking yourself, can you plan a wedding without a wedding planner? The simple answer is, of course, you can. But with a never-ending list of suppliers to liaise with, deadlines to meet, and what seems like endless emails full of crucial information, you’ll thank your future self for locking in a highly experienced and knowledgeable planner to take the reins.

A wedding planner will guide you through your wedding planning journey, handling everything from locking in your suppliers to managing budgets, writing run sheets, and coordinating every aspect of your big day, allowing you to sit back and relax. What does this mean for you? You get to spend more time reveling in the other exciting parts of your wedding journey, like picking your outfits, tasting some delish cakes, and of course, planning that epic honeymoon. For example, we love the team at The Goodsmiths – they are on top of every aspect of your day so you can relax and enjoy the process.

While there are plenty of decisions to be made and aspects to consider, don’t forget that your wedding day is meant to be special, romantic, and memorable, full of everything you’ve ever dreamed of. Savour every moment of the process, do what makes you happy, and begin the countdown to your big day. And remember, if you need a helping hand to make the journey all the most enjoyable and stress-free, don’t hesitate to get in touch with wedding vendors who know the wedding scene inside and out and can help you bring your epic celebration to life!

About Nudo Events: We’re a dynamic team of planners and designers (and shoulders to lean on), effortlessly guiding you through your wedding journey step by step. Taking the time to understand your vision and what matters most, whilst also taking care of the million small (and sometimes tedious) details that you don’t have the time for. And when the day comes, we bring it all together to create the kind of experience your guests will rave about for years.