We really do adore the Polka Dot Directory members – they bring so much wisdom and generosity to our pages and we are so grateful to them. So today let’s dive into a little more about one of these members, the ever-so-lovely Julia Glass of Flowers by Julia G. We’re getting to know about Julia and her beautiful floristry business in today’s interview and we have got to say… her creations are truly stunning. The thought she puts into designing her couple’s dream wedding florals is inspired! So let’s find out more about this very talented woman, and where she gets her inspiration from, shall we?!

Hi Julia! Where are you based and how long have you been a florist?

I’m based in Drummoyne in Sydney’s inner west.

I’ve been a florist for around 3 and a half years. I transitioned to the career after many years in the not-for-profit sector and absolutely love it! I always saw myself being an entrepreneur when I had my daughter who is now two and a half.

Can you tell us about all the services you offer?

I offer florals for weddings and special events such as baptisms and christenings, bar and bat mitzvahs, birthdays and more! I also offer gift bouquets and hampers, as well as running workshops for groups of friends in flower crown making and flower arranging.

Do you have a studio or do you work from home?

I currently work from my home studio and my dream is to have a studio space soon where I can welcome clients!

Images: Salt Atelier / Florals: Flowers by Julia G

How would you describe your style?

My style is colourful, pretty, whimsical, soft, seasonal and abundant.

What do you love most about creating wedding florals?

I love building up a special relationship with the couple and workshopping ideas with them. I also love their reactions on the big day when they see their flowers.

Images: Nicole Paton Photography / Florals: Flowers by Julia G

What are your favourite flowers to work with?

I really love working with seasonal flowers. At the moment I love dahlias and lisianthus as they come in so many gorgeous colours. Native Australian flowers are also some of my favourites such as paper daisies, banksias, wattle and flannel flowers.

We’ve seen the rise of dried and preserved flowers and leaves. What advantages are there in using these in your wedding?

I personally love using naturally-dried florals and many of them I dry myself in my studio. They can then be enjoyed for many years to come by the couple and they don’t perish in the sun as easily as some fresh flowers can.

How would you suggest we combine them with fresh florals and foliage as wedding decor?

I regularly use dried billy buttons in my arrangements, as well as misty and scabiosa pods. Banksias are also another favourite as some varieties look the same fresh as they do dried.

We notice that you combine indigenous blooms with exotic blooms. Is this a design feature or are you drawn to native flowers for other reasons?

I love learning about different Australian native flora and fauna, for example flannel flowers and Christmas bush are both actually native to NSW which is so special! There is a fantastic native flower grower at the markets and he always showcases unusual native blooms so I’m always learning something new! I participated in the Fleurs de Villes show last year where I decorated a mannequin of Dr Evelyn Scott through flowers and I used many native flowers. Dr Scott was an inspirational Indigenous woman who fought for Indigenous rights and I drew a lot of inspiration from her and thought it fitting to represent her using many native flowers.

Where do you find inspiration?

I love following all of my favourite florists on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as reading wedding blogs such as Polka Dot Wedding and perusing wedding magazines. I take so much inspiration from my weekly trips to the flower markets and I love watching as the seasons and offerings change.

Where do you source your flowers?

Mainly from the Sydney Flower Markets. I’d love to create more relationships with some local farms to try to source flowers from in future too.

What trends are you noticing in wedding florals right now?

I think there is a lot more colour and people are being bolder in their use of colour, people are also wanting to be more sustainable by re-purposing ceremony florals for the reception and using what’s in season. There is also more fruit coming back into the mix with styling which is super fun!

Image: The Evoke Company/ Florals: Flowers by Julia G

What would you say is your signature?

I would say it’s one of my compote bowl-style arrangements. I love using chicken wire or a flower frog in them as a sustainable way to hold the flowers, allowing me to create more space in my arrangements with flowers popping out at different heights.

What influences do you draw on with your floral work and style?

I love following other florists to see what’s happening in the industry, I make weekly if not more often trips to the flower markets so I always know what’s best and in season, and I love going to art galleries and exhibitions with my daughter for inspiration!

In what ways do you try to reduce your environmental impact with your work and why is this important?

Generally, people would think that because florists work with a natural product the industry would be sustainable, however unfortunately there is still a long way to go in this regard. Many flowers are flown in from overseas on charter planes, many are wrapped in soft plastics and there is an abundant use of floral foam which is single-use and breaks down into microplastics. Personally, I try to use locally-grown flowers, recycle green waste and try to use more sustainable methods such as chicken wire and flower frogs where I can. I’ve noticed some growers are trying to wrap flowers in brown paper or simply tie up the bunches and not wrap them too which is great. I think people are being more environmentally conscious and this has to flow into all aspects of life including weddings and events in order to be meaningful.

How do flowers and being creative creep into your everyday life?

I love wearing super colourful outfits most days! Recently I attended my first paint and sip and just loved the painting process. I like to see beauty wherever I go and often stop in the street to admire a flower or someone’s garden, or even pretty tiles on a shopfront.

Images: Salt Atelier / Florals: Flowers by Julia G

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today, Julia! To find out more about Julia & her beautiful business, head on over to her website or see more of her incredible work on the Polka Dot Directory.