Cricut’s newest and snazziest machine is here and BOY are we smitten! The Cricut Maker 3 is now available for you to get your mitts on, so join us as we review this magnificent machine and fall head over heels for our gorgeous DIY enabler.

The lovely folks at Cricut gifted us their Maker 3 edition, so let’s walk you through what to expect from this quick-cutting fellow. If you’re already in the Cricut world, you’ll understand the attraction of this machine, as it promises to cut twice as fast as the previous Maker edition. Can you cut fabric with it? Yes! Can you cut wood with it? Yes! Can it boil the kettle and make you a cup of tea? Unlikely, but let’s put it to the test.

Arriving in a satisfyingly substantial box, our Maker 3 was super easy to set up and link to both phone and laptop. After performing a step-by-step test cut (which is explained in simple detail as you go), you are free to create! Now, at this point, if this is your first foray into the world of Cricut, it may feel a little overwhelming. When the promise of making (almost) anything you desire is dangled in front of you like a tasty carrot in front of a particularly crafty horse, it can feel too much. How do you narrow it down? How do you choose exactly where to begin?

Fear not, for the good people of Cricut have set up easy-to-follow beginners projects to allow the inspiration to flow. The Cricut Design Space has a walk-through for you, so if you’ve never had a play on Canva or other such sites and are feeling well out of your depth, this instruction will help you find your feet. Drop by a Spotlight store to stock up on the most wonderful array of rainbow coloured vinyl, fabric transfers, or more (remembering the Maker 3 needs Smart products), and you can quickly set to designing cards, personalising almost anything you fancy or intricately gold foiling your invitations.

How does this fit into wedding DIY, you ask? There are so many creative ideas that can be brought to life with a Cricut for your wedding, from your invitations, name tags, and stationery, to personalising gifts and bonbonnieres, signage, and more. If you’re feeling a little stuck design-wise but are keen to create, you can pay for a monthly subscription to Cricut’s Design Space to access loads of beautiful designs (that can be edited).

To give our machine a little road test, I whipped up this sweet little bridesmaids’ gift bag. Although we started off a little rocky (note to self – read all instructions, including those that ask you to mirror the design if using iron on transfers), it’s perfectly ok to make mistakes as you begin. The machine is not complicated at all, however, the design process will take a little practice. With handy hints all the way through, you’re not left alone and will be acing it in no time.

So, dear readers, what are my final thoughts on the Cricut Maker 3? It’s a gorgeous machine, and the precision with which it cuts such a variety of materials is something to behold. It may take you a wee minute to understand the Design Space along with learning how to use the materials. Don’t give up. The satisfaction of seeing a project come to life is a treasure, and you’ll receive it in spades once you’ve mastered the process. If you’re a crafty, DIY-loving spark of a person, do a little research. The Maker 3 might just be what takes your DIY to the next level!