We love a story of good old-fashioned romance, and really, what is more romantic than high school sweethearts? These two barely knew each other at school until mutual friends hosted a day at the beach when they were both 16, and the rest? It’s history!

It was a beautiful Australian sunshine-filled day for their engagement session; a day, that with them both growing up on farms, reflected their love of the country. The duo asked Lucy Gordon Photography to capture this moment in time before they tie the knot on the NSW South Coast.

It wasn’t a quick engagement for these two – the pair were together for eight years before Matt proposed on a weekend getaway. Recalls Kaila, “he had been working quite a bit so he made it sound as though it was to get some quality time together. Matt booked this amazing suite with a rooftop bar. We spent the day doing things together like going to the aquarium and getting ice cream. Once we got back to the suite we got ready to go to dinner but before, we went to the rooftop bar for a bottle of champagne to finish off such a nice day. Matt then proposed at sunset on the rooftop bar and it was so beautiful.”

On what she loves about Matt, Kaila shares, “I love how patient Matt is, he is so incredibly caring for family and friends and would do anything for the people he loves. Matt is very determined and hard-working as well as having a “go with the flow” kind of vibe that I strive to have. Matt is always making me smile or laugh and is a huge goofball.”

Ever get the feeling these two love to laugh? “One of our longest jokes that continues to this day is recording song lyrics Matt gets wrong on our phones. Matt is notorious for making up song lyrics is he isn’t sure what the singer says, we started recording them one day when we did a trip and noticed how many he would miss or create. It is something we continue to do in the car when we sing together or any time we have music playing.”


Matt’s love for Kaila is all about her personality, he tells  “Kaila is a very quiet and caring person, who would do anything to help people. Kaila is very determined and motivated to achieve goals and help people around her achieve their goals and continuously sees the good in people. Kaila is well-spoken and takes the time to help anyone in need. Kaila is a very beautiful person.”