We’re all about making memories here at Polka Dot Wedding so it comes as no surprise that when offered the chance to chat with one of our beloved directory members who specialises in the recording and keeping of wedding memories, we jumped! At The Beep offer couples the chance to let their guests leave heartfelt, authentic, and at times hilarious voice messages on fun retro phones at their wedding! These recordings are then given to the couple to playback as often as they like to take a walk down memory lane. Below we chat with Steve to discover how At The Beep came to be, how these innovative & fun phones work, and why it’s so important to make & keep these memories on your wedding day.

Hi Steve! Tell us about your business. How long have you been around?

We are At the Beep – Australia’s OG Audio Guest Book company. We officially started doing Audio Guest Books in 2021, but this is an off-shoot of our photo booth business (The Photo Booth Guys) – who has been around since 2013. So, we’re new but old.

How did you come up with the idea of At The Beep?

It was twofold:

1. We spent much of COVID brainstorming and workshopping new ideas. We were looking for an idea that could be affordable, shippable, and easy to use but, more importantly, something that would make an impact. An audio guest book ticked every box.

2. Our lovely event coordinator Bella had seen these overseas and was desperate to have one at her wedding. The seed had already been planted, and when she asked if we could have something done in time for her own wedding that was all the encouragement that was needed.

Would you please describe how At The Beep works?

Pick up the phone. Listen to the greeting. Leave your message. Hang up. That’s it!

But “how” people actually use it is totally up to them – and that’s the magic of it. We hear everything from the most tear-jerking moments to the most inappropriate, ‘not safe for work’ messages you could imagine. Some people really go ultra with the effort they put into their messages.

Image: Captured by Kate

Images (L-R): Untamed Creative / Gillian Keogh Photography

Please describe the booking process?

It’s all done online. You don’t need to talk to or email anyone first. Just jump on the site, enter your dates, choose the colour phone you want, check the availability, and if that’s all good, add it to the shopping cart.

What do you love most about the idea of guests leaving phone messages in real-time for couples to treasure in the future?

The authenticity of it. It’s the purest way to capture people’s feelings and emotions at that exact point in time. It is totally unfiltered.

Is this one of the trends you’re noticing at the moment? (Is this a new way of creating keepsakes or guestbooks?) What other trends do you see on the horizon?

I think Audio Guest Books will be a staple of every wedding. They’re more than just a gimmick. The messages have real currency. In the same way that photos become more valuable/sentimental with time, so will these audio messages. Ultimately, anything that makes weddings more authentic, will trend.

Images (L-R): Love Wilder / Duuet Photography

Image: Captured By Kate

What range of phones do you offer for weddings?

Our phones are all based on the classic GPO design. We think they look good in any setting! We offer them in black, ivory, pastel pink, mint, blue, gold, and red, as well as custom colours (and styles) on request.

If a couple wants something customised, what suggestions can you offer them?

Work with your stylist, or stationer to create an area for the phone. Whilst we do provide templates for signage, we think working with the pros, to create something that matches your theming, is the best way to make sure everyone knows the phone is there.

If you have a phone you’ve seen that you really want – let us know, and we can usually make it happen.

Are you located in other places worldwide?

We surely are. At the Beep’s home is right here in Australia, but, we also operate in New Zealand, the USA, and the UK.

Images: Jess Marks

How do you ensure that whatever technology is available in 20 years’ time, the couple can still hear the messages if they want to?

Something new we are offering is our Playmatic Phone. This is a special “take home” version of the phone, that you get to keep. It’s preloaded with all your messages, and the idea is it becomes a decorative piece in your house. For example, put it on the side table next to your couch, and when guests pick it up, it will automatically start playing your messages. It’s a fun way to listen to the messages, and it looks pretty sweet in your house too.

Why is creating memories this way important?

Because of the authenticity. Being able to hear the voices of loved ones, is always special. But when those loved ones pass on these memories will become priceless.

What advantages are there over providing a conventional guestbook for your guests?

I don’t think an audio guest book, and a traditional guest book have to be mutually exclusive. I think they serve different purposes to some extent.

When you write something down, you have the benefit of taking your time and giving thought to what you write.

On the phone, you tend to speak more candidly – off the cuff. Plus, the more drinks you have, the more phone calls you’re likely to make! And so yes – there is 100% a direct correlation between alcohol and audio guest book usage!

Images (L-R): The Storytellers Wedding Co. / Nevermist Photography

What inspires you about At The Beep?

This is basically a brand-new category of product/service. And so my brain goes crazy imaging where we can take this thing. But really, it’s the messages themselves that inspire me, and knowing how much people love them!

The demands of juggling a business are many. Do you have any strategies or technology you can tell us about for managing?

The best business tool we use is AirTable – it’s hard to articulate just how useful it is. But, what I can say, is that it helps us keep our everything together. Otherwise in general, systemise everything you can.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Haha… spare time.. good one!!!

Image: Love Wilder

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us today, Steve! To find out more about At The Beep, head on over to the website or see more of her incredible work on the Polka Dot Directory.