If you’re looking for a sweet & simple way to fancy up your chocolates or lollies, check out these easy-to-make pastel bonbons. Using sherbet tones and some favourite choccies, you can whip up a bunch of colour-coordinated gifts in no time. Perfect piled high on your dessert table, used as an extra sweet name tag or popped into guest goody bags, our little bonbons make a big impact! Try your hand at this Pretty Pastel Wedding Favour Bonbons DIY Tutorial.

What You Will Need

  • Pastel paper in your colour of choice (tissue or crepe paper is easiest to work with)
  • Washi tape in a coordinated colour
  • Chocolates or sweets of choice
  • Twine and scissors

Step One 

Cut all your materials to size, so that you can set up an efficient assembly line. Cut the paper into squares that will fit your chosen choccies or lollies (with enough space left to tie up each end) and the twine into (approximately) 10cm pieces. Cut the washi tape to size, and stick it firmly to one edge of the paper. Roll the chocolate up in the paper, using the tape to hold the paper in place.

Step Two 

Trim the washi tape to neaten the edges if necessary. If using tissue or crepe paper, give the ends a firm twist to hold the goodies in place. Otherwise, use twine to tie the ends like a Christmas bonbon. You can personalise these pastel bonbons with name tags, wax seals, and your wedding stationery emblem… the options are endless! Choose your own colours, get crafting, and make those favours just a little sweeter!