It’s The Pastel Issue on Polka Dot Wedding this month, which means when we stumble across a pastel pretty wedding, well, we consider it our duty to get overly excited. And friends, this one is oh-so worthy of the gushing.

You see Miranda and Niall dreamt of a day that was laid back – they wanted a beautiful outdoor celebration that embraced the sunny Spring day they were blessed with – and they did it with all the perfect pastel style we dream of. Think soft blues, soft pinks and greens in the dappled shade, think a matching Kombi, beautiful blooms, games in the garden and celebrations in the sunshine. This wedding has all of it and more and you can enjoy it all right alongside us thanks to the photography by Nikki McCrone.

The pair became engaged in a secret mission from Niall while they were on holiday. Miranda shares the story “We were on the way to Europe and the whole journey there he was stressing out about his bag, would hold onto it the whole time or ask me to hold onto it when he went to the bathroom stressing to keep an eye on it which I thought was a bit dramatic.

I was like if you lose your wallet you can just send me money to get out on my card not realising there was a ring. Anyway, he had a proposal plan that was thrown out the window, by the time we got to the hotel in Amsterdam – he practically threw the ring at me to propose because he didn’t want the responsibility anymore! So then it was mine for the whole trip.”

The wedding party’s hair and makeup were styled by Niagara Hair and Beauty By Dylan. Remembers Miranda “Dylan (makeup) and Kim (hair) did phenomenal jobs on everyone’s hair and makeup. Everyone was so happy with how theirs turned out on the day! Including my mother and she’s a hard lady to please!”

Miranda’s sparkling white wedding gown was a Luv Bridal design. “I wanted something different that was flattering to me, I ended up picking the first dress I tried on! I had done a lot of research and found a top and skirt combo that was perfect for me. I tried on other dresses just in case but the smile on my face when I had the first dress made it a clear winner.” Her nursing friends stood beside her as bridesmaids wearing similar slip-style dreses in different colours. “They looked like the powderpuff girls” she laughs.

“I wore my great aunties and great grandma’s wedding bands on a necklace as my something old and something borrowed. And we did the tradition where we didn’t see each other the night before. My friend from the UK also gave me a Penny to stick on the bottom of my shoe for good luck!”

The beautiful pastel floral arrangements were styled by Poppy Culture. “They did an amazing job, the only thing I asked for was for Australian flowers and to have the bride and bridesmaid dress colours in the bouquets and they nailed it!”

With a dream of a laidback, chilled-out day, the perfect venue was found in Baxter Barn. “I wanted something outdoors and rustic, as I’m a very outdoorsy person (my partner is not!)” laughs Miranda. “Baxter was perfect as it had a nice rustic laid back feel, that had ceremony and reception and allowed the dogs to be a part of the wedding!”

Niall wore an all-black suit from Peter Jacksons. Says Miranda “Niall’s favourite colours are black and black so there’s no surprise he went for an all-black suit!”

Miranda walked down the aisle with her dad to the sounds of Ed Sheeran’s “Afterglow”.

The couple were married by Celebrant Candice. “We wanted a short and sweet ceremony,” explains Miranda, “we aren’t big fans of being the centre of attention. Our celebrant was named Candice (also a nurse) and she created the perfect ceremony for us. Our vows were short, and light-hearted but reflected our relationship perfectly.”

The couple made sure to include their furry faves. “It was very important that we included our furkids. My brother walked them down the aisle alongside my cousin who was the flower girl. They did a good job behaving until the reception and then got a bit overwhelmed and had to go home haha.”

“It’s a long day and it will probably be a blur and you may barely get a chance to eat and drink or see your partner!” advises Miranda on the “need to know” of the day. “Don’t worry or stress too much everything will fall into place!”

The couple were beyond thrilled with the photographs captured by Nikki McCrone. “Nikki McCrone was amazing! (also a nurse – our wedding was well covered if anything medical were to go wrong). My partner never smiles and she did the impossible, I wish I could say it was me but it was all her. She was the perfect energy and vibe to our wedding and I’m obsessed with the photos she took. I only wish I’d kept her for longer! None of our photos felt forced and it’s like she read my mind with what I wanted for the day.

Nikki was a 10/10 photographer whose photos were amazing to look at afterwards and truly captured the energy of the day.”

The reception embraced the no-fuss, relaxed vibes the couple wanted says Miranda. “We didn’t have a first dance! We barely had speeches! Just wanted a reception with minimal interruptions where people could dance, eat and have fun and we didn’t have to stick to a strict schedule.”

Not only did the couple put together a photo board with photographs of their life together but Miranda tells  “My mum had a super sweet idea of getting all the grandparents and parents’ wedding photos on both sides and had them framed with the photo board and wishing well.”

Miranda’s ten-year-old cousin surprised her with the sweetest of speeches.

“My partner’s side of the family is Irish and they randomly pulled a bench onto the middle of the dance floor and did the rock the boat dance, which was hilarious but also gave some of my UK friends traumatic high school flashbacks.”

Congratulations to you both Miranda and Niall! Thank you for sharing your wedding day with us and thank you to Nikki McCrone Photography for sharing today’s images!