Pastel wedding styling is, in a word, magical. The colour combos you can create are both whimsical & striking, and with the right elements, create stunning photography and memories to love, forevermore. We were lucky enough to have Vanessa from The Wedding & Event Creators, and Sarah from Nudo give us some insight into how to style your wedding day in this palette for The Pastel Issue. Please enjoy “How To Nail Your Pastel Wedding Styling”… 

From the lovely Sarah of Nudo

Pastels are all the rage at the moment, and it’s no surprise that so many couples are opting to bring this palette to life on their most special day! What makes pastels so stunning is their versatility and ability to be blended with a variety of other shades, bold or neutral, to transform a space.

In this recent photo shoot at The Button Factory, Anatomy of Flowers and The Goodsmiths paired soft tones of lilac with bright shades of lemon to provide a beautiful backdrop for loved-up couples. This is just one example of how pastels are so effortlessly paired with one another to create a soft, romantic yet chic palette for your nuptials.

Start by perusing Pinterst and thinking about which shades have caught your eye, including lavender, soft blue, baby pink, and lemon. When paired with greenery in bouquets and ceremony arrangements, these colours form a perfect blend that will wow guests and bring a whimsical vibe into your celebration, especially in a space filled with natural light.

There is no limit to how you can intertwine these hues throughout your wedding, through signage, florals, styling and stationery, all working together to create one big love fest of colours. Choose to lock in soft pink linen cloths that elegantly line each guest table, with cream napkins, and custom place cards and menus that show off tones of yellow, purple and pink in a unique design. Your floral installations will carefully and thoughtfully be crafted using only the finest florals in delicate, subtle hues that complement each other, as well as your wedding party outfits. Your photos are bound to be immaculate!

The Button Factory boasted crisp white walls and a plethora of windows that had sunshine pouring in throughout the photoshoot, leaving the pastel florals and styling to do the talking. The lavender hues and soft yellow perfectly contrasted against the white features of the space, allowing it to breathe personality and life into what is known as an urban blank canvas space.

If that’s not quite your vibe, why not opt for soft pinks, peach and orange, creating a summer garden feel? These florals, paired with textured linens, and romantic tapered candles make for a playful, textural event. If you’re looking for something with a bit more wow factor, why not add a bold addition to your arrangements? We’re talking a pop of bright red, magenta, or royal blue, which alongside your dreamy pastels will make even more of a statement and contrast beautifully in your stunning wedding portraits.

Absolutely entranced by the beauty of pastels and how they can be used to create your dream wedding? We thought you might be! Start gathering those inspirational pics and dreaming up just how these soft, subtle shades will enhance your celebration. We can’t wait to see what you create!

Images: Ashleigh Haase & Remi Jordan & Love Wilder Co / Venue: The Button Factory / Styling: The Goodsmiths / Floristry: Anatomy of Flowers 

And, of course, from the wonderful Vanessa of The Wedding & Event Creators…  

Pastel vibes – oh how we love! Typically pastel tones lend themselves to a more ‘spring’ season wedding but we think any season goes! When working with pastels for your tablescape it’s often about balance. Balancing those pops of gorgeous pastel colours with a more neutral base of creams and whites so that the ‘pops’ can really stand out as special. When styling with pastels we recommend starting with a nice base of a soft white or oatmeal tablecloth and building your design from there.

A few ways to add pastels to your tablescape include:

  • Candlesticks – Using taper or dinner candles in pastel colours is a gorgeous way to bring in that palette. Think lemons, baby blue, sherbert orange or soft pretty pinks.
  • Unique glassware – We love adding a bit of ‘wow’ factor by bringing in crystal glassware or different glass tones to your settings. Think a gorgeous cut glass crystal wine goblet in a baby blue tone or a refined champagne glass with a hint of amber orange colour tone.
  • Napkins – They are one of the easiest ways to bring in the look and feel you are after to the table setting. As each place setting will have one, they are the item with the most ‘surface’ space to show off a colour that you are super keen to showcase. Depending on the style or pastel colours you are working with, colours like mint green, blush pink or light lavender are gorgeous options to consider.
  • Menu Cards – Using pastels across your menu or place cards are a great option! You can use the font or writing in that tone for something more subtle or keep a plain black or white font and have your menu or place card a full colour to match and tie in with your napkins or candlesticks.
  • Table Runners – Adding a coloured table runner is a great way to tie in the table settings and add a nice texture to the middle of your runners with pretty fabric.

Tip: If you’re adding a pastel runner, we suggest keeping your napkin and tablecloth white or oatmeal colour for a nice neutral base just to make sure it’s not ‘too much’ if using both a coloured napkin and runner on the one setting.

The best advice when designing your wedding table styling is to choose to bring in those pastel colours via 1 or 2 items on your setting and make sure the rest is white or clear glass to ensure there is a perfect balance and it’s not too colourful or to avoid a colour clash. For example, you might go for a colour combo of a lemon and soft orange, mint green and baby blue or a blush pink and soft lavender.

You might decide to stick with a white plate, white tablecloth and plain clear glass vases or candle holders but bring the pastels through with your candlestick colours, napkin or menu card. Have fun playing with pastel colours on your tablescape! They are such a happy palette to work with!

Images: Alana Taylor Photography

About The Wedding and Event Creators: At The Wedding & Event Creators, our team is able to offer a comprehensive approach to your wedding by having everything in-house! We can cover all your styling, hiring, planning, coordination, setup, and floral needs. We can assist from the beginning with styling concept and design through to set up, hire goodies, florals, and then execution on the wedding day.

About Nudo: We’re a dynamic team of planners and designers (and shoulders to lean on), effortlessly guiding you through your wedding journey step by step. Taking the time to understand your vision and what matters most, whilst also taking care of the million small (and sometimes tedious) details that you don’t have the time for. And when the day comes, we bring it all together to create the kind of experience your guests will rave about for years.